What Parents and Students Say About RCS

To Mr. Huemoeller,

We would like to thank you for your leadership in the Redwood Elementary. You are a great role model for all. Your encouraging and loving words to each of the little Victory Drill Champions during Chapel made a difference in their minds. It must be great to be encouraged and recognized by the principal. We can’t be appreciative enough to have Michael in this school under God.

From Michael’s Family

To Mrs. Garcia,

You are by far the best elementary school librarian and a true blessing to the students and families of RCE. For many years you have invested in our children and they have benefited from the wonderful learning environment that you have lovingly created that encourages and rewards every student to grow and develop a life-long desire for reading.

From Laura

To Mr. Gillette,

Thank you so much for being my history teacher! History is my favorite subject, especially U.S. history because it is like a story and I love learning about our nation’s past. You make history fun, exciting, and alive.

From Sarah

To Mrs. Hinton,

Thank you so much for being so helpful and kind. I just love seeing you after school when I come to sit in the office. Thanks for always greeting me and saying hi. I appreciate all the hard work you put into this school; it means a lot to me.

From Hannah

To Mrs. Haserot,

Thank you for being my teacher. Thank you for helping us with things we can’t do. I like when you help me with math. I feel happy because I love doing challenging things in your class.
From Gabriella

To Mrs. Neal,

Thank you for being the best teacher from 4th-5th grade. Mrs. Neal, you are very nice, kind, and a funny teacher. Thank you for teaching us Language, Spelling, and Writing. You are a very patient teacher with a loving heart. You’ve been faithful to God for many years. Mrs. Neal, you’ve been living in a Christ-like way. I encourage you to stay faithful to God.

From Jacob

To The High School Teachers,

Thank you for all you do for your students. We love how you treat each child as a child of God, worthy of respect and dignity. Thank you for taking the time to help out your students and for understanding their different learning styles and abilities. Most of all, thank you for modeling Christian values and behavior. May God bless you.

From Gabriel’s Family

To Mr. Sanchez,

Thanks, Coach, for always being there for me last year when I was going through that tough time with my parents. Also, thank you for helping me improve with basketball and helping me build confidence in myself.

From Andrew


To Mrs. Suth,

Thank you so much for being a great teacher. Your class is very fun and you are a very funny teacher. You have been helping me so much with improving my writing. Your class is a challenge and I really like it.

From Rohan

To Mrs. Marcus,

First grade has been such a wonderful experience to Michael and us. Thank you for instilling the growth mindset in Michael. The foundation you lay is going to be beneficial for all his life! He is also learning more about God (and we are too!). It makes such a difference that he looks forward to school every day. We are truly thankful to have you as his teacher.

From Michael’s Family


To Mrs. Kidwell,

You are the GLUE that holds this school together. On top of that – you are pure sunshine! I’m inspired by your strength, care and love for those around you. You are a woman of integrity, compassion and strength – and I aspire to live with the same kind of joy you do no matter the circumstances. The Lord delights in who you are!

From Savannah

To All RCS Employees,

We thank God for each of you at RCS. Your dedication to Christ Jesus our Lord and your sacrificial commitment to teach our children is evidenced in their excellent educational growth as well as their eagerness to attend and to participate at school. Thank you for providing a grace-with-truth environment! Autumn and Prince frequently express their love for their school and their teachers! What a gift you all have given us by being who you are in Christ and for doing what you do so well!

From A Current Family

To Mrs. Grunow,

Thank you for being my teacher. I love doing Explode the Code Book with you. You taught me how to do challenging things in your class. I really like when you give us candy at the end of the quarters. Most of all, you care for me with your whole heart!

From Gabriella

To Mr. Huemoeller,

You are an AWESOME principal. Our family feels so blessed that you are leading Redwood Elementary as administrator. We’ve seen your heart for students in so many ways. That football in the morning is so much more than you know. You let all the students know you really care about them on a personal level and you even take time for the “students-to-be” (Katie says Hi!).

From David’s Family

To Mrs. Suth,

Thank you for being my 8th grade English teacher. I have learned so much from you! English is much more enjoyable to learn. I appreciate all the time and effort you put in to help us understand, especially grammar.

From Sarah

To All RCS Faculty,

I really take for granted how much you guys care. Thanks so much for shaping me and encouraging me. I used to think that all of my Bible classes were useless but I realize now how important it is. Shout out to Mr. Gillette for the organizational skills. Shout out to Mr. Russell for challenging my spiritual and academic life. Shout out to Mrs. Clausen for not quitting on me. I could do shout outs for a long time but we would be here forever. Thanks for everything.

From Josh

To Mrs. Bicker,

You are an amazing teacher with the kindest heart. We are so thankful you are a part of our journey with Michael. The foundation you are providing through your gentle guidance and unwavering support gives us faith he will continue to grow and meet the challenges of his future.

From Michael’s Family

To Mrs. Borgerson,

Our family is so happy you’re teaching Elementary music this year! David comes home so excited on music days. He can’t wait to share what he’s learned. His eyes shine with pure joy and I (mom) love to see that, especially in music since that’s also a love of mine. I know that your enthusiasm and patient instruction has stirred up this love for music in David and we’re so thankful for you. Thanks for all you do! We are “singing your praises” as a music teacher. You are a “note”worthy member of the Redwood Elementary staff. We appreciate you!

From David’s Family

To Mrs. Cherry,

This whole semester, you’ve been a huge encouragement to me. So I hope I can be one to you. I just wanted to thank you for consistently opening up your classroom for Junior Council meetings, and always bringing hope to the council and I. As someone that has been passionate about the community of students that is unique to RCS and the unifying of my class, I greatly appreciate the constant positivity you give the council, as sometimes we feel like there’s no hope. I truly think something is going to change this year.

From K-Lee

To Mrs. Sommers, 

Thank you for being the best third grade teacher ever and helping me with my work and explaining the work so I would get it more. I hope you have a wonderful time and thank you so much.

From Cielo

To Miss Orluck,

We are so thankful that you are David’s teacher this year. You inspire all the students to learn and be more and do more than they think they can. You are firm when needed, but also patient and kind. David adores you and hates when he misses school for any reason. I’ve watched him grow and learn and thrive this year and I know your presence has been a big part of those things. Thanks for all you do and the beautiful example of Christ’s hands and feet that you are every day!

From David’s Family

To Mr. Acosta,

Thank you for helping around campus doing all you do. After working with you this summer I truly appreciate what you do. You honestly made my summer job experience quite enjoyable. Also, thanks for being there for everybody.

From Alex

To Mrs. Blackburn,

Our son David LOVES your Art class. He’s learned so much and he’s always excited to show us the drawings, paintings, and projects he’s done. I know your enthusiasm and the love you show for the students is a big part of why he likes your class. I’ve seen all you do to prep and clean up and how hard you work to make each class so special. Thanks for all you do! Your heart comes through in your art and we’ve been blessed! We appreciate you!

From David’s Family

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