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History of Redwood Christian Schools


Redwood Christian Schools EaglesRedwood Christian Schools was founded in the S.F. Bay Area in 1970 as an interdenominational home mission work. From the first year with 69 students, we now serve nearly 700 students in grades K-12. More than 60 students are enrolled in AAP, a program designed to assist children with specific learning disabilities and other challenges that prevent them from functioning in our regular program. Located in the East Bay Area, 25 miles southeast of San Francisco, RCS currently has two campuses: in Castro Valley for children in grades K-5 and the other in San Lorenzo for students in grades 6-12. We have maintained our identity through the years as an interdenominational Christ-centered school serving families from more than 130 churches representing more than 30 Christian denominations.

This home mission work continues to be alive in Jesus Christ as we pursue the vision the Lord gave to our founders. In 1971, the founding superintendent of Redwood Christian Schools, Mr. Gus Enderlin, wrote in our first yearbook, “The major goal of the school is to produce a boy or girl who has the mind of Christ … The child must first be ‘in Christ.’ … Therefore, the salvation of each student is of prime importance. Christ’s ambition was to do the will of His Father. This is the chief spiritual goal of the school: to produce the boy or girl who wants to please his heavenly Father by being directly in the center of His will; a boy or girl who is daily walking, by faith, in the Holy Spirit.” This continues to be the primary focus of this ministry.

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