Vision 2020

Bay Area Christian school Gym Project

Superintendent Al Hearne publicly introduced Vision 2020 at the Annual Dinner on October 23, 2017 as a three-year endeavor to raise $1.25 million through donations. Its goals are to remodel the elementary classrooms, complete the Bruce D. Johnson Gymnasium and create a new 21st century science lab at the middle school and high school campus. As of June 30, 2018 – ending the first fiscal year – the initial first-year goal of raising $600,000 was surpassed as $677,488 was donated or pledged.

To date, Vision 2020 has enabled the remodeling of six elementary classrooms and provided necessary funding for the Bruce D. Johnson Gymnasium.

Three kindergarten classroom remodels (including transitional kindergarten) and the creation of a science classroom for kindergartners and first graders were completed by August 2017. This past summer, two 5th grade classrooms were remodeled. These remodels included new paint, furniture, carpet and additional equipment and technology necessary to enable 21st century learning.

The gymnasium’s foundation was poured on September 1, 2017. During the course of the year, the building frame was erected, enclosed, and weatherized. Phase I electrical, plumbing, and a complete fire system were installed. Restrooms on the main floor were also completed. For the exterior, final grading, asphalt, striping, and walkways were finished, followed by landscaping.

Remaining Phase 1 gymnasium projects include the installation of the maple floor, bleachers, a sound system, padding and gaining the necessary inspections and final clearance from Alameda County to gain occupancy. We are excitedly looking forward to gain occupancy with the completion of Phase 1 sometime in November 2018, followed by the start of Phase 2 construction to complete the gymnasium by next July.

We praise God for all who have contributed to Vision 2020 this past year to allow these projects to move forward. We also thank each of our supporters on behalf of all our present and future students, who will enjoy the fruits of your generosity and faithfulness for years to come!



Grand Opening Ceremony – November 24, 2018

One of our 5th grade remodeled classrooms

The Bruce D. Johnson Gymnasium – July 2018

One of our remodeled Kindergarten classrooms