Tuition Discounts and Grants

The desire of our school is to offer a Christian education to as many families as possible regardless of their social or economic status.

Multi-child Discount – A discount of 5% per additional child enrolled will be automatically applied to the family’s tuition account.

Full-time Christian Service Discount – A discount of 40-50% is given to families with a parent or guardian working full-time at a church. Click here for the application.

Legacy Discount – The grandchildren of current and former RCS staff members who have served at the school for 30+ years receive a 10% tuition discount. Click here to request the discount.

Feeder School Discount – If you have children enrolled at RCS and one of our feeder schools, we will honor the multi-child discount as if all children enrolled at a feeder school were enrolled at RCS. Click here to request the discount or to see a list of our current feeder schools.

The Basic FundThe Basic Fund is privately funded and not affiliated with Redwood Christian Schools. Please note that the application does have deadlines and that all forms should be submitted directly to The Basic Fund. Applications open each year in January for the following school year. Funds are distributed on a first come first served basis, so it is recommended to apply early. Contact the Basic Fund for more details or click here to apply.

Tuition Grants – Tuition grants are given to on-campus domestic students only. Other programs offered at RCS (i.e. Home School or RCSG) are ineligible. Tuition grants are available to families based on need, whether short-term due to a temporary financial setback or long-term based on other factors. Tuition grants terminate at the end of each school year, or sooner if the recipient’s financial condition changes. Families with an existing grant should expect to see their monthly bill increase by the 4.9% tuition increase for 2022-23. Tuition grants must be applied for annually.

1. A tuition grant will be awarded only after a family has been accepted to RCS and has attempted to apply for assistance from The BASIC Fund (for new students TK-8). All outside funding is included in your RCS Tuition Grant.
2. There is a $40 application fee.
3. All household income must be reported when applying for a tuition grant.
4. If two parents living in separate households are responsible to pay a student’s tuition, separate FACTS accounts must be set up with the tuition evenly divided. A tuition grant will cover only the FACTS account of the applicant.
5. A student whose family is receiving a tuition grant is expected to maintain a good conduct and academic record, and parents are expected to positively work with teachers and administrators.
6. The family’s FACTS account must be current.
7. Tuition grant recipients are required to notify the Tuition Grant Department immediately when their financial situation changes.
8. Tuition payments for all families begin in June, unless enrollment occurs later in the school year. When a tuition grant is awarded, the adjusted monthly rate begins in the earliest possible month and concludes in May.
9. Regular church attendance is encouraged.
10. Failure to make a monthly tuition payment is grounds to void the tuition grant award for that month.
Note: Please email tuitiongrants@rcs.edu or call 510-889-7526 if you have questions regarding tuition grants.

1. Go to online.factsmgt.com/signin/4HZPK
2. Create an account and log in.
3. Click on “Apply for Financial Aid” at the right of the screen.
4. Select the school year for which the tuition grant is being requested.
5. Follow the prompts to fill out the application.
6. Pay the $40 application fee by credit or debit card online and submit.
7. RCS will notify you of your grant status by email within 3-4 weeks.
For assistance in completing the application, please call FACTS at 866-315-9262.

Rev. 2022.11.07