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I am excited to invite you to join us as we work to Revitalize3: Repair, Renew, and Reinvigorate RCS.

Revitalize3 is a three year plan to enhance RCS campuses, classrooms, and programs.

Repair: Your support will directly contribute to the repair of critical campus infrastructure, from repairing parking lots and asphalt athletic courts to upgrading air conditioning systems and maintaining our buildings. Your contribution ensures a safe and comfortable space for education to take place. 

Renew: Let's renew our classroom to help students learn in the 21st century! Your donation will go towards modernizing MSHS classroom furniture, and updating educational resources. As we support and equip our teachers, they are able to inspire and equip our students with the skills they need to succeed in the 21st century. 

Reinvigorate: Fine Arts and Athletic programs provide our students opportunities to work together, to create, and to use their talents and abilities outside of the classroom. Your contribution will support the Fine Arts department, providing additional sound system equipment, instruments, art supplies, and funding for band and choir tours. Your support will help us finish a game playable softball field, at the MSHS campus.

Our goal is to raise $333,333.33 each year for the next three years. This amount will allow us to move forward with creating an environment that fosters growth and excellence for years to come.

Partner with RCS by contributing and to help us achieve our $333,333.33 goal for this year. Every donation, no matter the amount, brings us one step closer to Revitalize3: Repair, Renew, and Reinvigorate RCS!


Thank you for your generosity and ongoing support to Revitalize3: Repair, Renew, and Reinvigorate RCS!


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