“The Value of Education” by Katie Calonje

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The Value of Education

From: RCS Talon

By: Katie Calonje, Talon Staff Writer

Last week was one of the most stressful weeks because it was the last week of the third quarter. It meant that the fourth quarter was coming and then soon senior year, for me. It made me think about how things are going by so quickly and college is soon coming. Growing up, my family always told me to value education and value learning but I never thought about it and really didn’t value it as much until this year. I sort of just went through the motions of school and now I realize that college is coming and we need to be on top of things.

People say that as long as you do your work and stay on top of things God is able to help you and lead you to where you need to be and to do whatever His will is. Although it is easier said than done, we have to stay on top of your lives because they go by quickly. Education is invaluable to me now since I’ve realized it takes us farther in life and helps us learn more about the world which is God’s creation. Learning more and even reading more will open more opportunities that God might be wanting us to take. God gifts all of us to do something dynamic with our lives and as long as we try hard in school and in everything we do, we can figure out what God wants us to do as well.

Yesterday, I interviewed Mrs. Suth about education and why she chose teaching over all the other jobs. Mrs. Suth teaches AP Literature for the seniors and she allowed me to interview her about the importance of having an education. When I asked her why she decided to become a teacher rather than any other profession, she responded that she loved the academic world and everything that came with it such as being in a classroom. Mrs. Suth believes that good literature and not morally corrupt ones, the ones that cause your mind to think profoundly about many different ideas, will bring you closer in contact with God and creation and the world. The more that you read the more you learn about the world. We are able to understand more and make sense of the things of this world. She believes that everyone has a story and reading literature will bring us and connect us rather than simply watching television.

She went to San Jose State and transfered to Biola University her junior year and got her degree in psychology. After she got her degree, she went to Cal State East Bay to get her teaching crediential to become a teacher here at Redwood Christian. I also asked her why she thinks it is significant to continue reading and learning all the time and she replied saying that our culture is changing so quickly that you really need to explore as many options as possible because our culture is constantly entering a major fluctuation every so often. God will lead you to what you love as long as you explore what is out there in the world for you. True education has to start with a love of finding things out and however comes to be, needs to start with love of understanding and learning new things.

In the Bible, Christ’s teachings from parables started with an intense desire to learn and understand new things which is why we should follow Him and try to be more like Him in that sense too. Mrs. Suth said that students need to get away from graphic novels and picture books in order to read the true classicals from Shakespeare, to the 18th century, and to the 19th century because those novels and books are still connected to God’s words and understood the nature of man. Nowadays, novels and books make many of the children the heroes which is not bibically correct. They don’t tell people of the true consquences and lessons learned through stories of many of these writers.

Most modern literature doesn’t seem to have a right or a wrong during these times and education used to be soley based on literature and God’s word. Mrs. Suth said that literature should be in all humanities, in science and others besides math because we need literature to understand and grow in scientific concepts. Even Darwin’s Theory of Evolution depended on the time period where literature was not morally corrupt because of the culture of the people during that time and literature impacts everything around us and everyone.

God will always be there for us as long as we are willing to open up and allow him to guide us to do His will but we also need to do our part too. We should try to value education as much as possible and try our hardest in school for a better future because who knows where God is going to take us next.

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