“Spring Feelings” by Jessica Brock

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Spring Feelings

From: RCS Talon

By: Jessica Brock, Talon Staff Writer

Hasn’t it been forever since you’ve sat down outside without anything to do?

We’ve all been so busy doing whatever it is that we’ve been doing. Nowadays, everybody is feeling rushed. I know I am! Take time to sit outside, read a book, have a glass of lemonade, whatever. It’s time to enjoy what God has given us, and that is rest.

Spring makes me happy! Spring helps me focus, yet enjoy life around me. This is my month of happiness. I think that this month each year, the grass gets greener, the sun shines more, and everybody’s happier, which makes me feel glad! Work can take up all of your time (trust me, I would know), but don’t let that stop you from getting the rest you deserve. Just don’t get lazy and slack off on your schoolwork.

The Bible says to enjoy Christ, and what He’s given us, which is called fellowship. So, fellowship with one another! Talk to someone, ask them how their day was. That way you spread the love of Christ. God calls us to love Him. If we do that, then we will love what He loves, His children.

I love flowers. They come in different shapes and sizes, like humans. They have many colors, like pink, orange, yellow, blue, purple, and come in various sizes too. They are a great personification of people. God made us all different, with our unique characteristics and quirks, but He loves us, which is my theme of this month.


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