Love, Jalina

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By Jalina

RCS Talon Staff Writer

Valentines is a day to love each other, one of the traits of love is patience. A person who really showed and continues to show me patience is my mother, Luz. I’m not the perfect child, but no matter how disrespectful or how impatient I am with with her she keeps calm and continues to love me. I was adopted as a little baby, growing up I was an angry child. I fussed, cried and said hurtful things. But through it all she kept on encouraging and supporting me. She was the first person who introduced me to Jesus Christ, she told me that He was the only one who I could find peace in. I’m so thankful that I have a wonderful mom in my life. She has truly shown and continues to show the love of God. My mom is such a wonderful example of self-control. I hope to grow and develop this trait. She encourages me daily to show tolerance to other kids because you never know their life story.


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