“How Not To Die” By Jacob Shupp

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How Not To Die

From: RCS Talon

By: Jacob Shupp, Talon Survivalist

Hi, I’m Bear Grylls. You may know me from many shows, but today I’m changing things up. Now chances are, the name of this story caught your Attention. After all, not dying is one of the major goals in all of your lives. I’m not necessarily talking about not dying as in staying alive, I’m talking about surviving in school. Everyone with basic knowledge knows that schools are one of the most “dangerous” places on earth – academically speaking. The “mortality” rate of a good grade point averages is through the roof, but it’s worth striving for a good GPA for your future. I’m going to tell you how to get your education and get out alive.

One thing with which many students struggle with is missing assignments. Either because they forgot a book or it’s just their sheer laziness, they get a missing assignment on Renweb which severely affects their grade. When you get a missing assignment, turning it in drops the grade points by a lot. Once you get a missing assignment, it can easily trigger a chain of missing assignments which can devastate your grade. My advice: Just don’t get that first missing. The risk is great, and it’s a risk you can’t take.

Another thing that is almost essential for survival in school is organization. Many backpacks of students I’ve seen are extremely messy. Papers scattered everywhere, scraps and trash on the bottom, and filled with huge, heavy books you don’t need. Keep your papers organized with a folder or a binder, and clean your backpack out weekly to maintain organization. This will help you greatly with finding papers you need and minimizing frustration. As for books, your locker is there. Use it. This will help you later down the line, when you’re older. At the age of around 60, people’s spines usually shatter from wear and tear on their backs. Treat your back good now, and it’ll treat you good later.

School is a “dangerous” place, but for education, we all have to go there. Use these skills to survive and thrive in school, and hopefully, you’ll make it out alive.


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