“Time” By Sherry Yuan

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From: RCS Talon

By: RCS student Sherry Yuan

I always feel the time flies too fast, we grow up so fast and before you know it, we are already grown up. Life is a beautiful thing that we should enjoy together.

We should cherish affection. I know my family cares for me, but sometimes we take their care for granted.

Cherish your youth, it takes your life to distant places. My family is happy because I became a sensible person over time, but do not worry about my family, we have many sincere friends, we have the brilliant youth. Although the study of life seems dull, I don’t want to stick with the topic. I like: the parents who go out secretly to watch a ballgame, who feel excitement or regret, chatting with my friends about the past, present and future, I like to be home alone at night, as if I am night Ranger, and I love Sunday, which I call the day of big sleep. I like the feeling of vitality and passion, I want to cherish the youth, which is the best time of life.

Cherish all the good things, it makes our life easier and better. I often stood on the balcony, watching the sunset in the beautiful clouds, enjoying the quietness and letting me forget all the troubles and sadness. I like to watch the snow drifting profusely and disorderly far from heaven falling down to earth, the pure angel let a person dare not vulgar, be overcome by one’s feelings, and noble. I would sit by the river on a fine summer day, listening to the water through the cobblestone joy, the kind of light reminds me of happy childhood times, couldn’t help direct laugh. The world is really beautiful.

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