National Day of Prayer

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One of the great privileges we enjoy in the United States is the freedom to pray individually and collectively. This privilege cannot be taken for granted, as it has been — and continues to be — purchased at great cost, both at home and abroad.

On this 2013 National Day of Prayer, please join others in the RCS Community in praying for:

*Our President and Congress for wisdom, protection and courage;

*Our Armed Services personnel who, at great risk to themselves, continue to protect us and our freedoms overseas and at home;

*Our First Responders for being available to take care of us when needed and for their selfless service;

*All families and their children;

*Pastors around the world to be strong, vocal supporters of Christian education;

*The numerous Christian School servants, including those at Redwood Christian Schools, who watch over His children during class, recess, nap times, lunch and extended-day care;

*The leadership of Redwood Christian Schools and Christian Schools around the world to remain committed to provide, without apology or compromise, a Christ-centered education which is pro-family and pro-life based upon God’s Word.

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