Kharena’s Well

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Kharena Magana is a seventh grader at Redwood Christian Middle School.  Three years ago, Kharena heard a presentation at her church, International Christian Center of San Leandro, by Assemblies of God World Missions regarding the need for water wells in Ghana.  She decided to raise the money to build a well for those who need clean water.  Kharena shared about the need of water wells in Ghana in Mrs. Espinoza’s fourth grade class at Redwood Christian Schools.  Kharena raised a total of $16,000 by selling items, having church family collect change and from a large gift when a former family pastor sold their home.  Kharena is the daughter of Juan and Claudia Magana and has two sisters at Redwood Christian Schools: Deissy, who is in the tenth grade, and Cielo, who is in the second grade.

Recently the family received the following update on Kharena’s Well from Mark and Vickie Alexander, AGWM Missionaries-TOGO:

“I just wanted to let you know that we are back on the ground in West Africa and we are hoping to drill “Kharena’s Well” in late February or early March.  We are meeting with the driller on the 19th of February and hopefully it will happen soon after that.  I know this has been a long wait but it has taken time to coordinate everything.  I have the sign designed, and I should have it made by next week.  So finally things are progressing.  Of course we will do our best to provide pictures and a report as the project happens.  The name of the location for the well is Juashei, in the Northern Region of Ghana.”

San Francisco Private Academy

Drinking from the well

Christian school in San Lorenzo

Full buckets from the well

Christian Academy

Kharena’s sign

Private Schools Bay Area

Placing Kharena’s sign

Kharena’s effort is a great example of a student using their gifts, talents and determination to impact the world for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Also a great example of the home, church and school working together.

We are so proud of Kharena and so appreciative for all who donated to Kharena’s Well!


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