Redwood Christian School’s Annual Dinner

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By: America Lopez

Monday October 23rd was Redwood Christian School’s Annual Dinner at Willow Park in Castro Valley. There were prizes awarded, performances, recognitions of Armed Service members, First Responders, Pastors, Staff, and members of our Redwood Family, and of course- a dinner.

There were four recipients of the Lifetime Recognition Award. Mr. Donald “Dobie” Gelles who is a long -time Redwood supporter, a public school administrator, and elected official, Mr. Howard Kerr who is a long-time supporter and elected official, Redwood Chapel Community Church, Founding Church and Home for Redwood Christian Elementary since 1970, received by Senior Pastor Doug Tegner, Mrs. Carol Worthington and Mrs. Wanda Worthington-Kersey of Worthington Photography who are long-time supporters and a parent of alumni and alumni. Fun fact: Mrs. Kersey used to babysit for Superintendent Johnsons children!

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Mrs. Breslow with Mrs. Worthington and Mrs. Kersey

There were also some fantastic student performances. Matt Shasky and John Breslow, students of our excellent drama teacher Ms. Suth, performed a skit on eternal life and the misleading way that others might try to present it. Also, Sam Lee, a student of our talented music teacher Mr. McClure, played beautifully on the violin. There was also a performance by some of our great choir girls!

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Mr Gillette, our excellent middle school World History and high school Bible and Economics teacher, supervised the servers during the night of the dinner and said,”As often is the case, there was more fun in serving than being served, and our CSF servers had a whole lot of fun doing a great job. So great, in fact, that I spent half the night worrying that the caterers were going to offer them all long-term jobs — so impressed were the caterers with Redwood’s workers. I got nothing but positive comments about them all night. The crew’s good efforts should not have surprised me, for ‘even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve’ (Mark 10:45).”

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As a server that night, I got to have some insight on what goes on in the background. Planning and executing an event like this is a lot of work and when the day comes, everything is hectic. That being said, the result is fully worth all of the effort put into it. The school raised a lot of money that will be highly beneficial to our school and students.

Colossians 3:23 says “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men.” In everything that you do, whether it be assisting in a school event, or just doing homework, you should do it to the best of your ability because when you do, you’re glorifying God.

“For 44 years RCS has been PRO Family and PRO Biblical Marriage. We are PRO Life and PRO Child. We are PRO Church and PRO America. And unlike too many in our Great Country, we are without apology or compromise PRO JESUS throughout our school philosophy, curriculum and practices,” Our Superintendent Bruce Johnson worded this in the best way. We have to realize the morals and values of our school and appreciate them.


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