New Resource for Parents to Reclaim Privacy Rights in Schools

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Please read the following carefully. I encourage you to forward this to all of your friends who do not have their children in Christian schools. There is simply too much at stake.

Bruce D. Johnson, Superintendent, Redwood Christian Schools

From the Pacific Justice Institute

PJIDear Friends,

Like me, you’re probably alarmed by what is happening in our schools and in our Legislature. With Gov. Brown signing the outrageous “Bathroom Bill” this week (AB 1266), many of you have asked, “What is PJI doing about this?”

Well, I’m pleased to announce today that PJI has developed a brand-new resource, available for the first time today at, that is the first step toward reclaiming the constitutional privacy rights our state and federal governments are trying to take away from us.

Our “Notice of Reasonable Expectation of Privacy,” designed for you to simply fill out and give to your local school officials, puts them on notice that you have not relinquished your family’s constitutional privacy rights at school.

AB 1266 cannot — and does not — override the Constitution!

Friends, we can’t undo all the damage that will be done by bills like AB 1266. But we can take a stand and speak up for our children! And PJI will be monitoring any potential privacy violations that result from AB 1266 for possible legal action.

Of course, the “Bathroom Bill” is not the only potential privacy violation facing our students, so we’ve included a few other areas in our Notice. Those of you who have been concerned about the new Common Core being introduced into schools nationwide will appreciate the section we’ve included on biometrics.

Please help us spread the word about this new resource by forwarding this and distributing our Notice to friends at church, in school and in your local Tea Party and other groups. And while you’re at it, please consider a special gift to PJI so we can respond to the avalanche of new requests for help that we know will follow implementation of this law.

Running the Race,

Brad Dacus, Esq.

President, Pacific Justice Institute

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