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From the desk of Bruce Johnson, Superintendent

Greetings! I am sure you will find the following as encouraging as I did.

CARDUS Education SurveyCARDUS is a Christian think tank headquartered in Ontario, Canada. Its stated purpose is renewing North American “social architecture” in the areas of education and culture, work and economics, civics, and cities (Cardus 2012).

CARDUS conducted a survey comparing Public, Catholic, Homeschool, Protestant and non-Religious Private Schools. The value and validity of the CARDUS EDUCATIONAL STUDY cannot be overstated. It is one of the most – if not the most – comprehensive surveys on North American K-12 Christian education ever conducted, and it gives a defensible basis for what Christian educators do.

Some of the results…

Religious Practice and Belief

Protestant school graduates hold the highest views that

Divorce is morally wrong

Premarital sex is morally wrong

Cohabitation is morally wrong

Protestant schools and homeschools were the only programs that positively impacted student view of absolute, unchanging moral standards.

Personal Spiritual Disciplines

Protestant school graduates

Single adult

Prayer – more than peers

Bible Study – more than peers

With spouse and no children

Prayer – more than all but homeschooled

Bible Study – equal to homeschooled and more than peers

With spouse and children

Prayer – more than peers

Bible Study – more than peers

Protestant school graduates giving compared to peers

Financially – give more to


Religious organizations

Total charitable giving

Time commitments – volunteer more to

Church ministries

Relief trips

Mission trips

Other volunteer efforts are equal to that of peers

Compared to public school graduates, Protestant school graduates

Are more grateful for their income and possessions

Have more children

Marry younger

Divorce less often

and are more likely to

Graduate from college

Obtain more years of higher education

Attend a religious university

Attend a more selective university

Compared to Catholic school graduates, Protestant school graduates are more likely to

Attend a religious university

Attend an open enrollment university

Feel more prepared to enter university


More details are available on the CARDUS website.



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