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Devotional Thought:
In John 14:15, God says “If you love me, you will keep my commandments.” As we read this verse, we must realize that the love being spoken of here is agape love, or as it can be defined, a willful delight in the object of love. What a great definition to apply to this verse. When we commit our lives to Christ and He becomes the object of our affections, our desires and motivations become to please Him, follow Him, and keep His commandments. A life lived with Christ as the object of our affections and love will stand out to those around us. This isn’t a matter of religiosity or checking off a list as we keep His commandments. When we love Him, our hearts will be set not on the things of this world and the temporary attractions of life, but on the eternal value of knowing Christ and following Him.

In Christ, Mr. Barnhart, Diretor of RCS Global

Mr. Hearne’s Recommended Resources:

Dr. Carol Dweck – Recognizing and Overcoming False Growth Mindset
Cynthia Tobias – A Matter of Style – Room Temperature
Safe, Smart & Social – Instagram Parent Guide

2016-17 Theme:
Love God

September Theme Verse:
John 14:15
“If you love me, you will keep my commandments.”

Friday, September 30, is the last day to turn in late work or to make up an assignment, quiz, test, or project grade.


Important Dates & Events *

September 28 – October 9

September 30

RCE Chapel – 4A

October 1

Alumni Girls’ Volleyball
Neighborhood Church – 11:00am

October 3

Order forms sent home for RCE Yearbook

October 3

Booster Club Meeting
7:00pm – MSHS Campus

October 3-6

6th Grade Outdoor Education

October 4

Last Day of MSHS Yearbook Sale at
Reduced Price

October 4

RCE Yearbook Sale

October 5

School to 12:00pm for MSHS ONLY

October 6

RCE Class Spirit Day

October 6

End of 1st Quarter

October 6

RCE Kindergarten Classes Visit
Joan’s Pumpkin Patch

October 7

HS Bay Area College Tour

October 7

Teacher Prep Day
No School; EDC Open at RCE

October 8

Alumni Boys’ Soccer Game

Save the Date!

47th Annual Dinner
Redwood Christian Schools
Canyon View, San Ramon
Monday, October 24
Doors Open at 5:30pm

Sponsorship Opportunities are Available
Contact Valerie Wolf at 510-889-7526
Or email valeriewolf@rcs.edu
Space is Limited! This is an Adult-Only Event

“Fabulous Five” As Reported By RCS Teachers:

I have asked each teacher to let me know the most fabulous thing that happened at RCS in the last week. On Tuesday mornings, Mr. Huemoeller, Mr. Warner, and I go through them and pick the “Fabulous Five” to share with parents.

  1. Mrs. Grunow reports: While filling out the ABOUT ME posters in Jumpstart, one of the questions is ‘Where do you want to go?’. Most students write Disneyland, LEGOLAND, etc. A new third grade student wrote: “My school. I love it!”
  2. Mrs. Benefiel reports: My second grade students showcase their map skills and community pride! Click Here
  3. Mrs. Benefiel reports: My second grade students showcase their map skills and community pride! Click Here
  4. Mrs. Cherry reports: Students in Junior English were able to work together
    to summarize four foundational documents including The Declaration of Independence, Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God, Of Plymouth Plantation, and The Interesting Life of Oloudah Equiano.
  5. Mrs. Benefiel reports: My second grade students showcase their map skills and community pride! Click Here


Upcoming Games:

HS Volleyball:

9/30 vs. Bentley @ HOME (Neighborhood Church)
4:00pm JV Girls
5:15pm Varsity Girls

10/4 @ Valley Christian
4:30pm Varsity Girls

10/5 vs. College Prep @ HOME
3:00pm JV Girls
4:15pm Varsity Girls

HS Soccer:

9/28 at Lick Wilmerding (played at City College of SF)
5:30pm JV Boys

9/29 @ Bentley
4:00pm Varsity Boys

9/29 vs. Bentley @ HOME
4:00pm JV Boys

10/4 @ St. Joseph at 4:00pm (played at College of
4:00pm Varsity Boys

10/8 vs. Alumni @ HOME
11:00am Varsity Boys

HS Varsity Girls Tennis:

9/28 @ St. Joseph at 3:30pm (played at the Harbor
Bay Club)

10/4 vs. Fremont Christian @ HOME at 3:30pm
(Melvin Morris Tennis Courts)

HS Varsity Cross Country:

10/4 BCL East Meet #2 @ Garin Park at 4:00pm

MS Girls Softball:

9/29 vs. Prince of Peace @ HOME at 3:30pm (Castro
Valley Community Center)

10/6 @ Prince of Peace at 3:30pm (played at Central
Park Softball Complex)

MS Boys Baseball:

10/6 vs. TBA at San Lorenzo High School at 4:45pm

MS Cross Country:

9/28 @ Crab Cove at 4:00pm

10/5 @ Newark Middle School at 4:00pm

Score Box

HS Volleyball:

9/23 vs Head Royce @ HOME
JV Girls lost 2-0
Varsity Girls lost 3-0

9/27 @ St. Joseph
JV Girls lost 2-0
Varsity Girls lost 3-0

HS Soccer:

9/21 @ Head Royce
Varsity Boys lost 5-0

9/21 vs. Head Royce @ HOME
JV Boys lost 4-1

9/23 vs. Quarry Lane @ HOME
Varsity Boys won 1-0

9/23 @ St. Joseph
JV Boys lost 2-1

9/27 vs. Athenian @ HOME
Varsity Boys lost 2-1

HS Tennis:

9/23 @ Head Royce
Varsity Girls lost 6-1

9/27 vs. Bentley @ HOME
Varsity Girls lost 7-0

HS Cross Country:

9/27 RCS Invitational at Coyote Hills
Varsity Girls – first
Varsity Boys – second

MS Girls Softball:

9/21 vs. Tabernacle @ HOME
lost 15-2

9/22 @ Fremont Christian
won 10-2

9/27 vs. Prince of Peace @ HOME
Won 15-2


The 5th Annual Girls Conference – Redwood Chapel

• In a world that values freedom, how many of us are TRULY free?
• How many of us are just living a morally good life, but are not being transformed by the TRUTH of God’s Word?
• This year at the girls conference we will take a look at what it means to die to ourselves and how that will truly set us FREE.

Parent Seminar Presented by TEEN ESTEEM receive hands on help for today’s digital family.

Date: Friday; September 30 / Time: 7:00pm

Cost: Ticket Paid For By ILLUMINATE THE BAY

Where: Redwood Chapel (Williams Chapel) 19300 Redwood Road
Castro Valley

Learn why your involvement is important with kids and technology, while providing hands-on training to implement safety features on various devices. Learn some of the best ways to keep your child safe in this age of technology. Bring your phone, iPad, and laptop devices.

Brain Matters: A Concussion Discussion

Monday, October 3rd at The Athenian School. Concussions have received increased scrutiny in athletics over the last few years. If you are interested in this session as a parent of an athlete, you can attend at no charge as a member school of the BCL-EAST. See the attached flyer for information.

Jim Cleveland
Athletic Director
Redwood Christian MSHS

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