Eagle Update 9/14-9/25

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Devotional Thought:
John 14:15, “If you love me, you will keep my commandments.”

Jesus asks us to do a very important thing to show that we love Him: Keep His commandments. Just like with our parents or bosses, doing what is asked of us is easy  when everything is going well. It’s easier to do what is asked, even the more difficult tasks, when life circumstances are filled with roses. But when times are hard and everything seems to be going wrong, doing the right thing, following all the commandments all the time, becomes more difficult. It’s easy to let our mindset and view of life cloud our judgments and behaviors when life is challenging. However, if our desire is to show God we love Him, we are to walk in obedience to His commands (2 John 1:6). God never promised us an easy road, but He did promise to carry us through it (1 Cor. 10:13). So through thick or thin, be ready to show your love by keeping God’s commandments.

Mr. Hearne’s Recommended Resources:
• Dr. Kevin Leman – Ask Dr. Leman 73 – Sports Attitude & Too Much Respect
• Cynthia Tobias – A Matter of Style – Dealing With Deadlines
• Safe, Smart & Social – Musical.ly Parent App Guide

2016-17 Theme:
Love God

September Theme Verse:
John 14:15
“If you love me, you will keep my commandments.”


Important Dates & Events *

September 14 – September 25:

September 13-15

Writing Tests, Grades 7, 9 & 11

September 14

8th Grade Washington, D.C. Trip
Deposit Due

September 14

RCE Nacho Sale
After School – South Campus

September 15

RCE Apparel Sale sponsored by the Booster Club
After School – South Campus

September 15

MSHS College Financial Seminar
MSHS Campus – 6:00pm

September 16

Notices of Concern- Grades K thru 12

September 16

MSHS Magazine Sale Turn-In Day

September 16

6th Grade Outdoor Education Payment Due

September 16

MSHS Campus – 5:30pm

September 16

RCE Chapel – 4/5F 9:00am

September 17

Pancake Breakfast and Auction
MSHS Missions Team
MSHS Campus – 8:00am

September 17

S.A.T. Preparation Class #3

September 19

First Day of MSHS Yearbook Sale

September 19 – September 21

MSHS Spiritual Emphasis Week

September 20

Final MSHS Magazine Sale Turn-In Day
Last Day for Prizes

September 20

Kindergarten Parents
Pre-Victory Drill Book Meeting
RCE Campus, Room A3 – 6:00pm

September 21

SYATP, MSHS Campus – 7:00am

September 21

RCE Vision Screening

September 21

MSHS – See You At The Pole

September 22

Principal’s Coffee Hour
MSHS Campus – 9:00am

September 22

DRP Testing, Grades 6-12

September 23

Senior Class Social

September 23

RCE Chapel – 4V

September 24

S.A.T. Preparation Class #5

September 24

Junior Class Social

Upcoming Games:

HS Volleyball:

9/16 @ Athenian
4:00pm JV Girls
5:15pm Varsity Girls

9/20 @ College Prep
4:00pm JV Girls
5:15pm Varsity Girls

9/23 vs. Head Royce @ HOME (Neighborhood
4:00pm JV Girls
5:15PM Varsity Girls

HS Soccer:

9/16 @ College Prep (played at Tom Bates Sports Complex)
3:45pm Varsity Boys
9/16 vs. Lick Wilmerding @ HOME
4:00pm JV Boys
9/21 @ Head Royce
4:00pm Varsity Boys

9/21 vs. Head Royce @ HOME
4:00pm JV Boys

9/23 vs. Quarry Lane @ HOME
4:00pm Varsity Boys

9/23 @ St. Joseph (played at College of Alameda)
4:00pm JV Boys

HS Tennis:

9/20 @ College Prep (played at Chabot Canyon Racquet Club) at 3:30pm

9/23 at Head Royce at 3:30pm

HS Cross Country:

9/20 BCL East Meet #1 @ Coyote Hills at 4:15pm

MS Girls Softball:

9/14 @ Fremont Christian at 3:30pm

9/15 vs. Milpitas Christian @ HOME at 3:30pm
9/21 vs. Tabernacle @ HOME
at 3:30pm (played at the Castro Valley Community Center)
9/22 @ Fremont Christian
at 3:30pm

MS Boys Baseball:

9/19 vs. Mashers @ San Lorenzo High
School at 4:45pm
9/21 @ Fremont Christian at 3:30pm

Score Box

HS Volleyball:
9/7 @ Bentley
JV Girls won 2-0
Varsity Girls won 3-1
9/8 vs. Berean Christian
JV Girls won 2-0
Varsity Girls won 3-0
9/9 vs. Valley Christian
Varsity Girls won 3-0

HS Soccer:
9/7 vs. St. Joseph
Varsity Boys won 4-1
9/9 @ Athenian
JV Boys tied 1-1
9/9 vs. North Valley Baptist
Varsity Boys won 5-0
9/13 vs. Bentley
Varsity Boys won 2-1
9/13 @ Bentley
JV Boys lost 0-2

HS Tennis:
9/7 vs. St. Joseph
Varsity Girls lost 0-7
9/13 @ Fremont Christian
Varsity Girls lost 1-6

RCE Apparel Sale
After School – South Campus
September 15

“Fabulous Five” As Reported By RCS Teachers:

I have asked each teacher to let me know the most fabulous thing that happened at RCS in the last week. On Tuesday mornings, Mr. Huemoeller, Mr. Warner, and I go through them and pick the “Fabulous Five” to share with parents.

Last Thursday was FABULOUS looking around campus during break and at lunch, it was a sea of the red white and blue. The enthusiasm and school spirit demonstrated by the highschool students was contagious. Click Here

Biology class saw historical evidence for how the modern scientific method came from the Christian worldview.

Watching the Girls Volleyball team play at their game was my highlight… I was so  encouraged by their teamwork and how they lifted each other up constantly. I was proud of how hard they worked and of their positive attitudes. Click Here

It was fabulous seeing the RCE Beginning Band students getting their instruments for the first time and starting to use them and seeing the delight on their faces when a sound came out of their instruments.

The Redwood Elementary students really understood how important it is to be thankful for those who serve and protect us and to be respectful of our country at the Elementary Patriot Day Chapel. I heard a student say, “That was the best Chapel ever!” Click Here

Save the Date!

47th Annual Dinner
Redwood Christian Schools
Canyon View, San Ramon
Monday, October 24
Doors Open at 5:30pm

Sponsorship Opportunities are Available
Contact Valerie Wolf at 510-889-7526
Or email valeriewolf@rcs.edu

RCHS Christian Ministry Team Second Annual Pancake Breakfast and Student Auction!

September 17th – 8:00am
MSHS Campus
This event will include an amazing pancake and sausage breakfast accompanied by a student auction. Ten groups of 6-8 hardworking high school students are offering their time to work for 5 hours that afternoon at your churches, farms, homes, businesses, etc. If you have anything that could use some work, consider purchasing one of these  teams!

There’s more! One of the missionaries from the Navajo Nation, who is a licensed contractor in the State of California, will also be offering his services.

And the entire Christian Ministry Team (20 students) will be offering their time for a full
day of work in October!

Tickets are being sold by all members of the team for $5 each or $20 for a family of five. All of the proceeds go to funding the 2017 Navajo Nation Missions Trip. You do not want to miss out on this exciting event!

College Financial Planning Seminar For Redwood Christian Families & Friends

It’s never too early to start planning on how you will pay for college.

  • When: Thursday, Sept. 15, 2016, 6pm
  • Where: MSHS, 1000 Paseo Grande, San Lorenzo
  • Elementary Parents are specifically invited!!!


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