Redwood Christian Schools Eagle Update 8/18/16

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Devotional Thought:
And he answered, “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind, and your neighbor as yourself.” Luke 10:27

This verse in Scripture tells the words of Christ given to an expert in the Law of Judaism. This expert in the Law tried to ensnare Jesus in a trap that might pit Jesus against the God of the universe and discredit Jesus as the Messiah. The question was What must I do to get into heaven? The answer that Jesus gives in this verse is the same as the 1st commandment from the Law known to us as the 10 Commandments.
This verse serves as the bridge to Commandments 4-10 summarized in one of the most well-known parables in the Bible, known as the Good Samaritan.

In these words Jesus declares to the expert in the Law to submit himself to God and practice love to his fellow country man just as he wanted to be loved by others. The response by Jesus demands that this man begin to rethink what he is doing with his life. The words “You shall love” were words this expert knew. It meant his central being, his heart, his thoughts or feelings of the mind were to be in submission to the Supreme Authority of the universe. The words “your God” was a challenge to the man who proclaimed this Supreme Deity was his God, because he would have to give his central being (heart), his very breath or spirit (soul), his force and ability (strength), and the core from which understanding comes (mind) completely to God.
The result is a life lived in complete faith and devotion to God that flows into blessings for others. To say I love God is to live in worship of God with every fiber, thought, imagination, feeling, and desire in submission to my Master. Consider whom you call your God, and see if you are living in complete submission to the One who demands that every part of yourself be given to Him and His purposes.

Food for Thought:
Tips to Succeed in Your Home and at School:
• Speak the truth!
• Help others in need!
• Take the time to plan ahead!

2016-17 Theme:
Love God

August Theme Verse:
“You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all  your strength and with all your mind, and your neighbor as yourself.”

Important Dates & Events * August 12 – August 21:

August 18

Booster Club Dessert
MSHS Campus 6pm

MSHS Athletics Information Meeting
Parents and Coaches
For All Sports
MSHS Campus, 7pm

Parents-Coaches Meeting
MSHS Campus, 7:30pm

August 19

MSHS Photos
MSHS Campus – 8am

Bus Evacuation and Fire Drill

MS Robotics Club
MSHS Campus – 7pm

MSHS Back-to-School BBQ

August 23

UC Berkeley Math Diagnostic Test
Grades 6-12

MSHS Parent-Teacher Night
MSHS Campus – 6pm

August 24

RCE Grades 4-5
Parent-Teacher Night
RCE Campus – 6pm

August 25

RCE Grades K-3
Parent-Teacher Night
RCE Campus – 6pm

Upcoming Games:

HS Volleyball:

8/23 @ International
4:00pm JV Girls
5:30pm Var Girls
8/25 vs Arroyo @ HOME
4:00pm JV Girls
5:15pm Var Girls
8/27 @ San Lorenzo Tournament
8:30am Var Girls
8/31 @ San Leandro
4:30pm JV Girls
6:00pm Var Girls
9/3 vs Alumni @ HOME
11:00am Var Girls

HS Soccer:

8/24 @ Fremont Christian
(Scrimmage) 4:00pm Var Boys
8/26 vs Stuart Hall @ HOME
4:00pm Var Boys
8/30 @ Oakland Military Institute (played at Coast Guard Island)
4:00pm Var Boys
9/1 vs Drew @ HOME
4:00pm Var Boys

HS Tennis:

9/1 @ Athenian (played at Diablo Country Club)
4:00pm Var Girls

Alumni Highlight

Many of our Alumni will be heading off to college in the next few weeks. Some for the first time and others for the last time.
Please join us in praying for them for: a) the ability to keep their Christian faith; b) the ability to live a positive Christian witness; c) success in college classes.

Faculty Highlight

Mike Kady joined the RCS team as a junior high math teacher in 1984. He earned his  BS degree in 1980 and his MA degree in 1989 from Washington Baptist Teachers College. During his time at RCS, Mr. Kady has worn many hats. In 1996 he moved from the Junior/Senior High campus to become the Assistant Principal at Redwood Christian Elementary. In 2008 he became the Principal at the Crossroads elementary campus and in 2009 the Principal at Redwood Christian Elementary. Then in 2014 he became the Director of Advancement where he faithfully works to advance the mission of the school through programs and fundraising. Mike and his wife Joan have two daughters, Sarah (RCS class of 2012) and Lisa (RCS class of 2015). (pictured in PDF Version of Eagle Update)

MSHS Parents grades 6-12 Join Us!
This Thursday, August 18 For:

Booster Club Dessert and Coffee and the Athletics Information Meeting
Parents and Coaches

This Thursday, August 18
6pm: Dessert and Coffee
7pm: Athletics Information Meeting-Parents and

The multi-purpose room at the MSHS Campus – 1000 Paseo Grande, San Lorenzo.

Who MUST attend?
All parents of any MSHS fall sport athlete and any new or transfer student regardless of the season your child will be playing.

Who should attend?
Any parent of a MSHS student who plans to participate in any MSHS Sport during the 2016-2017 school year.

Please plan to attend this important meeting and support the RCS Booster Club.

Please Remember:
All Student athletes must have their physical form and permission slip signed and turned in before tryouts begin in each sport.

Students will not be able to try out if the Athletic Department does not have this form.

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District Office: 510-889-7526
Elementary Campus Office: 510-537-4288
MSHS Campus Office: 510-317-8990
Athletic Department Office: 510-317-8988
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