Spirit Week: January 22-26

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Homecoming and Spirit Week 2013

Here is a recap of Spirit Week. Don’t forget to wear Red, White, and Blue at tomorrow’s Homecoming games!

Individual participation/ recognition will occur on Tuesday, class competitions start on Wednesday. Encourage each student to participate. Games will occur at lunch.

Monday January 21st– Martin Luther King Jr. Day – NO SCHOOL! Get together with your class and work on Spirit Week activities.

Tuesday January 22nd– Sweats Day! Get comfy and come in your relaxed sweats. No velour pants suits but just the old, easy normal sweats. No holes in any of the pieces and make sure to keep in mind that it must be Redwood acceptable.

Wednesday January 23rd-Nerd Day! – The classic nerd dresses in plaid and khaki pants to your armpits, mismatching shirts and bowties/suspenders, frizzy hair, pocket protectors, calculators, and 3-D glasses with the lenses punched out and tape on the bridge! Have fun!

Thursday January 24th– Incredible(s) Day- Dress as your favorite “Super Hero” and come ready to conquer the evil world. Be careful to dress in modest Redwood apparel. Booths will be decorated this night from 5:00-7:00pm (or 7:00- 9:00 if there are sports games) Come ready to work. Posters must be put up in the MPR during booth set up.

Friday January 25th– Theme Day- Neverland Ninth Graders, Sophomores Survivors, Extra Terrestrial Eleventh Graders and Seaworthy Seniors. Clean up day- take down floats, booths and posters, no trash should be left.

Saturday– Rally Day- Red, White & Blue for Homecoming games; Class T shirts need to reflect school colors and be worn at the games on Saturday. Put posters up before the JV boys game starts.

Important Information

Theme: Each class will choose a class theme. The theme needs to be incorporated into Friday dress, the class movie and class booth. The class themes need to be approved by Mr. Hearne. T Shirts must be in Red, White or Blue shirts to rep our school colors.

Dress Points: Dress points will be awarded for the number of students dressed to specifications each day. (Tuesday- Saturday)

• Up to three (3) points possible for the following items of clothing: shirt, pants, socks & shoes, sweaters and sweatshirts.

• One (1) bonus point may be given if the dress is outstanding and beyond the maximum of the spirit of the day.

• Hats do NOT count, but may be worn if they fit the theme of the day.

• Hair: may be changed (not counted in dress points)– but it will need to be returned to dress code on Monday after spirit week.

Games: Each class will select representatives to participate in Wed. Pep Rally games. Each advisor will be provided with the number of representatives needed for each game on Wednesday 16th. Representatives should not be selected to play more than one game and cannot be in a winter sport.

Skits: On Thursday (January 24th ) each class will present a skit that will be judged using the following criteria:

10 points Uses the selection randomly selected for the class.

10 points Tells the selection using the class theme.

10 points Promotes spirit for the school and the winter sports teams.

10 points Uses 10 or more students in the skit

20 points Is completed with in the time limit: Two (2) minutes set-up time Three (3) minutes performance time A gong will signal the beginning and end of each time period. The curtain will open after the two-minute preparation period whether the group is ready or not. All points in this category will be lost if the scene extends beyond three minutes at all. HOWEVER the curtain will not close until 30 seconds after the three-minute gong.

10 points Clarity

10 points Creativity

10 points Entertainment value

60 points Wholesome, positive and uplifting


Floats/Halls: Floats/Halls must be decorated cheaply, and related to the individual Superhero theme the advisor picked, with the added sports idea of “Go Eagles” or “Go Redwood” to be included on the float/hall. No paint on the lockers/floats. Decorate from 3:00 to 5:00pm on Tuesday afternoon for the hall and Friday right before the parade for the float. Judging occurs right after each have been decorated.

Booths: needs to include the class theme, promote the winter sports program. The dimensions for the booths will be 8’ tall, 10’ deep and 18’ feet wide. (These were the dimensions given last year and seemed wrong). Allow for extra to be on the safe side. Food items will be sold out of the booths on Friday. Decorating needs to be between 5:00-7:00pm (7:00-9:00pm if there are games) on Thursday, January 24th. Class clean-up committees of four to eight must dismantle the booths and clean up the MPR on Friday after the Pep Rally. Rule: Parents may NOT help “construct” the booth. Helping decorate is ok, but parents should not participate in the “building” of the booth.

Posters – Each class should create two (2) 3’x6’ posters, emphasizing their theme, a positive spirit for the school and using red, white, and blue. Posters need to be hung in the MPR on Thursday, January 24, during construction of the booth time, and put up at Canyon Middle School (with blue tape) as well before the first basketball game on Saturday, January 26th. It is the responsibility of each class to get their posters to the game on Saturday. Posters will be judged on Saturday, January 26th. Posters must be cleaned up after last game.

Homecoming Games: These are on Saturday, January 26th, at Canyon Middle School. Each class will receive points for attendance and red, white, and blue dress.


1. Lunch games – Each day there will be a lunch game between classes. The games will be normal games with twists.

a. Tuesday – Ultimate Frisbee: Frisbee teams of seven (7) from each class will be made up of 4 boys and 3 girls. Regular rules apply but the twist will be announced on Tuesday before the games. (9th vs. 11th and 10th vs. 12th)

b. Wednesday – Basketball : Teams will be made up of 10 players (5 girls and 5 boys). Twist will be announced on Wednesday before the games (9th vs. 12th and 10th vs. 11th).

c. Thursday – Dodge Ball: Teams will be made up of 10 players 5 girls and 5 boys) 9th vs 10th & 11th vs. 12th. Twist will be announced on Thursday before the game.

2. Kiss the Pig Contest – Calling all animal lovers! Students will vote for the teacher they would like to see kiss “Puddles” a very big swine during the pep rally on Friday. The money raised will go to the school in Guatemala that our school missions teams have worked with in the past. Certain teachers/administrators will have a jar in which students may put in money. The teacher who raises the most money will have the honor of having a very close encounter with Puddles. Each day students, teachers, and staff may put in money for their favorite choice. The more money you put in the greater the chance that your vote will make a difference. So cast your money for the teacher you would like to Kiss a Pig! Pucker up baby!

3. Parade on Friday

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