Online Distance Learning

What Online Distance Learning Looks Like

Online Distance Learning FAQs

What is Online Distance Learning?

RCS Online Distance Learning is the same high academic standards expected at our school, just in a different location - online!

RCS Online Distance Learning is designed to provide different methods to help students learn. Teachers will provide a framework for creating a digital classroom experience and guidance to facilitate student interaction with both the teacher and the course material. RCS Online Distance Learning is set up to ensure lessons are accessible to students of all ability levels and that parents understand the Online Distance Learning process.

5 Goals for Online Distance Learning
  • Maintain a high quality education centered on the truth of Scripture.
  • Continuing to build community between teachers, students, and parents.
  • Providing students direct access to teachers for direction, guidance and feedback.
  • Teacher engagement with learners online through assignments and projects.
  • Clear directions and ongoing feedback.
Student Attendance

Student attendance is required via Zoom video conferencing with video “on” and face showing during the entire class time.  Students should set up a work space in their house (in a common area not in their bedroom nor bathroom) for video conferencing.  Please note, to uphold modesty and the professionalism of a productive learning environment, normal RCS Dress Code is in effect during Zoom video conferences.

Will the Campus Still Be Open?

Admin, faculty, and staff will be on campus, but nobody else will be authorized during online distance learning.  You can reach our offices by phone at during the hours of 8 am - 4:30 pm or email an individual teacher, as needed. 

District Office: 510-889-7526
MSHS Campus: 510-317-8990

What About Athletics?

There are no athletics practices nor games during online distance learning.  The athletic office is attempting to reschedule games as much as possible.

How Long Are Students Expected to Be Online

Parents should expect school to be the same length as though students were coming to campus.

Elementary students may need to be online with their teacher up to two times or one hour per day.  Time to complete assignments will vary per student.

Middle school and high school students are expected to attend each class every day.  Time to complete assignments after that will vary per student.  Regular breaks and lunches are the same as a normal school day.  Advisory (period 9) is optional for students to attend any of their teacher’s zoom for extra help, as needed.

Do Students Need Their Own Zoom Account?

Students do not need a Zoom account for online distance learning. Teachers will share a link for video conferencing, and when it is time for the class session, you will simply click on that link.  For families with multiple students, each student must have their own device.

If students would like to set up a Zoom account, they should use their RCS email.

More questions?

Middle School & High School campus: email BenWarner@rcs.edu

Elementary campus: email MeganSinisi@rcs.edu

Athletics questions: email DaleHuemoeller@rcs.edu