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Current School Status: Phase 2

Reopening Plan Emails

July 14, 2020 – “Rebuilding RCS” Introduction
July 17, 2020 – “Rebuilding RCS” The RCS Response To Governor Newsom
July 23, 2020 – “Rebuilding RCS” Plans and Scenarios
July 31, 2020 – “Rebuilding RCS” Student and Employee Health, Safety, and Cleaning Protocols
September 16, 2020 – “Rebuilding RCS” Elementary Waiver and MSHS Cohort Facilitation Update
Click here for full details regarding the Elementary Waiver

September 17, 2020 – “Rebuilding RCS” Employee COVID-19 Testing (monthly email)
September 23, 2020 – “Rebuilding RCS” Alameda County Moves to the Red Tier
September 29, 2020 – “Rebuilding RCS” Students Potentially Returning to Campus Soon
October 2, 2020 – “Rebuilding RCS” Elementary
October 2, 2020 – “Rebuilding RCS” Middle School
October 2, 2020 – “Rebuilding RCS” High School
October 7, 2020 – “Rebuilding RCS” Elementary Return to Campus
October 12, 2020 – “Rebuilding RCS” Middle School Students Set to Join Academic Learning Pods
October 14, 2020 – “Rebuilding RCS” First Day on Campus Thank You & PikMyKid
November 16, 2020 – “Rebuilding RCS” In Response to Alameda County Moving Back to Purple Tier
November 19, 2020 – “Rebuilding RCS” Holiday Gatherings and Travel
December 3, 2020 – “Rebuilding RCS” Holiday Gathering and Travel
December 10, 2020 – “Rebuilding RCS” Elementary New Campus Policies
December 14, 2020 – “Rebuilding RCS – Christmas Vacation and Return to School”
January 28, 2021 – “Rebuilding RCS” – Optional COVID-19 Testing for Families/Employees Now Tested Monthly (monthly email)

RCE Phase 2 Plan for On-Campus Instruction and Reopening Checklist (Updated November 12, 2020)

MSHS Phase 2 Plan for On-Campus Instruction and Reopening Checklist (Updated November 12, 2020)

RCS COVID-19 Safety Plan (Updated January 22, 2021)

Reopening Plan Fall 2020

Redwood Christian Schools’ mission to equip students for daily living and eternal life couldn’t be stronger right now.  Our plan is to return to campus full time on August 17, 2020 following all guidelines from “COVID-19 School Guidance: Alameda County School Reopening Plans” by the Alameda County Superintendent of Schools and the Alameda County Health Officer, the Centers for Disease Control, the State of California Department of Education, and Alameda County Public Health Department.

Our theme 2020-21 is “God’s Purpose,” and our theme verse is Ephesians 2:10, “For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.” As the RCS Superintendent, I am convinced that one of the “good works” that God has “prepared beforehand” is for the ministry Redwood Christian Schools to continue with students returning to campus. Another set of “good works” are the critical health and safety protocols that we will be following to mitigate the risk of COVID-19 transmission.

Although we have recently seen an overall rise in COVID-19 infection numbers across the country, and a debate regarding whether or not students should return to campus, RCS believes that returning to campus is best for the majority of our students, but will maintain an online option for families who are not yet comfortable with the return. There is a growing body of literature from researchers, doctors, and scholars showing little transmission from child-to-child at school, and furthermore, it is best for children to be back at school with proper, age-appropriate, health and safety protocols in place. Here are four articles that have been instrumental in the RCS research: 1) Children are not COVID-19 super spreaders: time to go back to school; 2) Novel Coronavirus 2019 Transmission Risk in Educational Settings; 3) Age-dependent effects in the transmission and control of COVID-19 epidemics; 4) COVID-19 Transmission and Children: The Child is Not to Blame.

The “Rebuilding RCS” plan has three major goals:

1) to provide on-campus instruction with students and teachers in classrooms (following the guidance and regulations for reopening schools);

2) to provide an online option for families who are concerned about their child(ren) returning to campus at this time; and

3) to minimize the risk of COVID-19 exposure for students, staff, faculty, and administration.

“Rebuilding RCS” consists of four phases, each one with a different level of risk according to the CDC:

RCS will start school on August 17, 2020 in Phase One or Two.

Parent Resources

Daily Student Health Screening Questionnaire
Employee and Visitor Screening Questionnaire
Procedures Regarding Exposure and/or Confirmed Case





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