Meet Mrs. Yip – New 4th Grade Teacher at Redwood Christian Schools

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Bay Area Private School New Teacher

Our 4th grade teacher, Mrs. Yip, brings a diverse elementary teaching experience to RCS.  She is passionate about the value of Christian education as she has experienced teaching in both public and private schools.  We welcome her energy and leadership back to Redwood Christian Schools, and share her story so RCS families can get to know her better!

What attracted you and your family to minister at Redwood Christian Schools (RCS)?

I worked at RCS one year before taking time off to stay home with my kids.  My youngest is going into TK so I prayed about where the Lord would have me teach. I began my search within the Castro Valley Elementary Schools, but after meeting with some of the principals, I knew God was calling me back to RCS. I am very vocal about my faith, and what better environment is there to share Christ so openly other than RCS where Christ is the focal point of education?

Tell us about your family and how they are looking forward to this new opportunity.

My family and I are all looking forward to this new opportunity because we will all be able to go to school together.  I couldn’t have asked for a better plan than this for our family.  Both of my kids will be in a safe environment where I know what is being taught and modeled to them by the teachers and administrators.   Where I feel secure that my kids will not be taught anything contrary to the Bible.  Christ will always be elevated as the only One to follow.

How did God call you into teaching and what are your professional credentials?

God called me into teaching in 2000.  I received my Bachelors in Behavioral Science with a Social Work emphasis at Cal Baptist University in Riverside.  I started as a 4th/5th grade teacher in southern California.  I didn’t know what I was getting myself into, but God did!  I wanted to quit every day because of my lack of teaching experience.  I didn’t quite feel successful, but the Lord did not let me give up!  He knew I was meant to become a teacher.  My colleagues talked me into accepting a contract for the following year.  I finished my second year and still did not feel that confident. It was when I moved to 1st grade that I found my passion in teaching.  I began to understand why God had placed me here.

After a year of teaching English in Turkey as a missionary, I returned to CA and enrolled in a Credentialing program.  I was hired to teach 1st grade in a public school in Whittier, CA.  I finished my credential and continued to teach 1st and 2nd grade.  After a few years teaching in Whittier, I then earned a master’s degree in Educational Leadership and an administrator’s credential from Azuza Pacific University.

Eight years ago, I moved back to the Bay Area when I got married.  The first year I moved back I taught at Chinese Christian School.  My husband and I then decided to look at RCS since we had decided to lay down our roots in Castro Valley.  Five years ago, I taught for one year at RCS, and then got pregnant with my daughter.  As a family, we decided I should stay home to raise our kids until they were ready to start school.  Caleb, our 6-year-old, attended Kindergarten last year, and now my daughter will begin the TK program.  I am ready to come back, and excited to see how God will use me at RCS.

Why do you think a Christian education is important for families to consider?

Christian Education is so important for families to consider as they look into education for their children.  After working many years in the public setting, I have seen secular indoctrination first hand.  Secular schools now have an agenda, and they will stop at nothing in making sure the liberal agenda is properly enforced.  They don’t want God in the classrooms so religious liberties are at risk.  At RCS, God is the focal point, so everything taught and addressed is from a Biblical perspective.  At RCS, the agenda is to present the gospel in a way that is relevant and easy to understand.  If parents care about making sure their children are being taught truth and are not being indoctrinated with lies and propaganda, they should consider RCS.

What do you love the most about RCS?

I love the support that I’ve received from the RCS administration.  I’ve had multiple questions and they have always addressed my concerns thoroughly.  I also appreciate the love that is poured into the lives of the students.  Teachers at Redwood sincerely care about their students’ hearts and address situations much differently than how teachers are allowed to do so in a public school.  At RCS, teachers have the freedom to pray with students and engage in different conversations with them.  They take the time to get to the root of problems.  They address character issues instead of just trying to change behavior.  Teachers at RCS go the extra mile for their students.

How do you hope to make a difference in the lives of RCS students?

One of my goals this year is to start separate small groups for guys and girl’s led by Mr. Voogd and me.  I want to genuinely know my girls and speak truth into their lives.  I desire them to truly know who they are as daughters of the King.  I believe that this is such a vital time for girls as they look for approval and significance from others.  They need to understand why they are valuable and significant to Christ.  I want to provide a safe place for them to speak without reservation and share what is going on in their lives as we pray for each other.  I am very excited for this opportunity, and I am looking forward to see how God will minister through me.




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