From RCS Student to RCS Teacher, Meet Miss Perry

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Miss Perry Returns to Redwood Christian Schools

What attracted you to return and minister at RCS Christian Schools (RCS)?

What attracted me to this amazing privilege to minister as a teacher at RCS started long before I desired to enter the teaching profession. I am a RCS alumnus from the class of 2012. I have been blessed to have attended RCS from 1st through 12th grade, and it has been cool to see how God has brought me back here during this season of my life.

After recently completing my teaching credential program and moving back to the Bay Area, I started substitute teaching at RCS. I had the incredible privilege of doing a long-term subbing position for one of the kindergarten classes, which attracted me to working at RCS full-time. Working alongside Christ-centered individuals who share the same love for Him and for the love of learning is why I am so excited to be teaching at RCS.

Tell us about your family and their support.

My parents are Ken and Mary Perry, who have been fully supportive of RCS Christian schools for as long as I could remember. Throughout my 11 years of schooling at RCS, my parents financially paved the way for me to receive a quality, Christ-centered education. My mother was heavily involved at the school while I was attending as a student, so much so that the school hired her as an aide at the elementary campus. She was also a part of the RCS Boosters Club for years, helping to raise money and continue the legacy of a quality Christ-centered education for future RCS students.

How did God call you into teaching and what are your professional credentials?

I cannot remember a specific moment when I realized that God was calling me to be a teacher, but I do remember the gradual process in which God prepared my heart for this profession and ministry. I chose elementary education as my major at Biola University without knowing what to expect. I knew that I wanted to work with children and better understand the intentions behind their actions. However, I did not expect the teaching credential program at Biola University to be so challenging and formative to my development as an educator. After two challenging years in my undergrad program, I felt the Lord pressing upon my heart to not take it for granted, but to give everything I had to become the most effective Christian educator I could be.

I received a bachelor’s degree from Biola University in Elementary Education, with an emphasis in Human Development and a Biblical Studies minor. I am currently working on my Masters in Education through Biola University with the intention of further studying student engagement and motivation.

new private school bay area teacherWhat have been your experiences in Christian education prior to coming to RCS?

My experiences with Christian education has been minimal, but formative to my development as a Christian educator. During my credential program, I was assigned to Whittier Christian School for observation. Most importantly, I have been a student in Christian schools for all of my academic career. I have seen and taken note of Christian educators who modeled aspects of who I want to be as I teach at RCS. Although much of my credential program was teaching in public schools, my mentors in the field of education continually reminded me that teaching is more than a profession. It is a ministry.

Why do you think a Christian education is important for families to consider?

Christian education is extremely important, considering all the contrary philosophies being taught to students in public schools. Sending children to a Christian school is not only beneficial for the smaller class size to foster intentional time with students, it is also integral for students’ spiritual formation. The privilege we have as Americans to freely practice religion is a lofty blessing. Therefore, being able to share the Bible, pray, and spiritually mentor students while teaching them in the classroom is a beautiful privilege. Families should consider enrolling their children into a school where they know their children are safe, cared for, and are learning what it means to live a life devoted to Christ.

What do you love the most about working at RCS?

What I love the most about RCS is how much prayer is emphasized. Every morning throughout the week the faculty share prayer requests and pray for one another. Teachers pray throughout their day for lunch, students’ prayer requests, and the school, in general. Prayer is powerful, and I love how RCS showers itself with prayer in expectation that God will do amazing things and will be glorified through this institution.

How do you hope to make a difference in the lives of RCS students?

The most important hope I have as a teacher is for my students to know the love Christ has for them. Some students walking through my classroom door will have burdens, insecurities, fears, etc. My job is to show students that they are beautiful creations of the God of the universe, and that He has a plan for each one of them. They are all unique, and have been given gifts to glorify God. It is my job to help them figure that out as they become the person God has created them to be. I want to make a difference through the transformative power of Jesus Christ working through me as I teach my students.

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