RCS Sponsors

We are very grateful to the following sponsors of our 2022-23 RCS School Calendar and the 2022-23 Redwood Christian Schools Giving Tuesday Virtual Celebration.

2022-23 Calendar Sponsors

August – Worley’s Home Design Center



September – Bancroft Uniforms


October – Dave Kelly, EXP Realty


November – Breslow Imaging

Adobe Photoshop PDF


December – KMC Cleaners


January – Harris Water Heaters


February – Castle IT Services


March – Univest Education


April – Shamrock Office Solutions


May – Beck Roofing of Hayward


June – McNely Construction Company



July  – Joe Hendren Morgan-Stanley

Morgan Stanley Logo


August – KO Websites

Bay Area Web Design & Digital Marketing Company


2022-23 RCS Sponsors

RCS Legacy Circle 

Access Wireless $2,000
Andy and Marty Krake
Supporter of RCS

Anonymous $10,000

Anonymous $2,160

Anonymous $2,160

Ernesto and Maria Barquero $2,160
Parents of Current Student David, 11th, and Alumnus Daniel, ’20.

The Bruno Family $2,000
Sherry and Harry Bruno are Parents of Alumni Nathaniel, ‘96, Zachary, ‘02, and Benjamin, ‘05.
Mr. Bruno serves on the RCS Board as Chairman.

Phil and Dorienne Carlton $2,250
Parents of Alumni Joseph ‘19 and Morgan ‘20.
Mr. Carlton serves on the RCS Board.

Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Costanzo $2,000
RCS Alumni Class of 2011.
Mrs. Costanzo is the RCS Business Manager.

Dr. and Mrs. Al Hearne $2,000
Dr. Hearne is the Superintendent of Redwood Christian Schools.
Dr. and Mrs. Hearne are parents of current student Oscar, 4th, and Stephen, 3rd.

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Johnson $2,000
Parents of Alumni Doug, ’91, and Debi, ’93.
Mr. Johnson is the Superintendent Emeritus.
Mrs. Johnson retired as RCS Registrar.

Carl and Becky Leidig $3,000
Long-time RCS Supporters.

Doug and Beverly Mayne $2,160
Parents of Current Students David, 7th, and Katelyn, 3rd.
Mrs. Mayne is the music teacher at Redwood Christian Elementary.


Eagles Perch

Anonymous $1,080


Anonymous $100

Mark and Patty Boyd $960
Parents of Alumni Emily, ’01, and Aaron, ‘02.

Cathy Breslow – Breslow Imaging $1,000
Dave and Cathy Breslow
Parents of Alumni Lauren, ‘12, and John,‘15.
Mrs. Breslow serves on the RCS Board as Secretary.

Albert and Julie Castaneda
Parents of Current Student Joshua, 10th, and Parents of Alumni Alicia, ’15, Joel, ’17, and Abby, ’22.
Mr. Castaneda is the RCS Middle School Principal.

Gateway Bible Church
RCS Supporter.

Bryan and Lorin Harris
Harris Water Heaters, Inc. $1,080
Parents of Current Students Jackson, 3rd, and Rowan, 1st.

Robin and Becky Hom $1,000
California Crosspoint Academy
Long-time Supporters of RCS.

Mr. and Mrs. Dale Huemoeller $600
Mr. and Mrs. Huemoeller are Parents of Alumni, Jacob, ‘11, Jay, ‘12, and Jordan, ‘15.
Mr. Huemoeller is the Redwood Christian Schools Director of Athletics and Transportation.

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Kady $1,080
Parents of Alumni Sarah, ’12, and Lisa, ’15.
Mr. Kady is the Director of Advancement.

Erma Lazzereschi $600
Parent of Alumni Tina Hernandez, ’86.
Long-time RCS Supporter.

Harry and Olive Lin $250
Parents of Alumni Kristopher, ’14, Gregory, ’15, and Sophia, ‘21.
Long-time Supporters of RCS.

Tom and Holly Love $1,000
Long-time RCS Supporters.

Deborah Masin $250
Retired RCS Teacher and Long-time Supporter of RCS.

Rayford and Margaret-Ann Reed $400
Parents of Alumni Dana, ’10, and Leah, ’14.
Mr. Reed serves on the RCS Board as Vice Chairman.

Jim and Lisa Suth $1,200
Parents of Alumni Paige, ’06, and Erin, ‘08.
Mrs. Suth teaches HS English and is the College Counselor.

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Swanson $400
Parents of Alumni Katrina, ‘08, and Jacob, ‘10.
Mr. Swanson serves on the RCS Board.

Enio and Maxine Vega $500
Parents of Current Students Michael, 7th, and Caroline, 4th.

Robin Wilma – Wilma’s Number Two $250
Supporter of RCS.