Parent News Bulletin Aug-Oct 2012

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The View from the Superintendent’s Office

Mr. Bruce D. Johnson Superintendent –

Redwood Christian Schools Middle School High School Enrollment


Please forward this Parent News Bulletin to your friends and family who may be interested in providing their children with a Christ-centered, Biblically-based education in a safe, secure, loving environment.

Psalm 105:4 is our school verse for 2012-13, “Seek the Lord and His strength; seek His presence continually!” We must always remember that our strength does not only come from our human efforts but from Jesus Christ because of His love and commitment for all who have surrendered their lives to Him and call Him their Lord and Savior. Contrary to the influences of the world, Believers are never dependent solely upon their own strength. Believers are never alone in their own strength regardless of what nonbelievers say. Believers can always stand firm in His Truth. Our school calendar will feature a different verse each month that focuses on Our Lord Jesus and His Strength.

After you pick up your personal copy of the RCS 2012-13 Calendar at the Back-to-School BBQ on Monday, August 20, please read through each month’s verse with your family and continue to trust in Him for He alone is always to be trusted -and praised!

I am so excited about the upcoming school year! God has
blessed RCS in so many ways!

I trust you had a great summer! The Back-toSchool BBQ is Monday, August 20, and the First Day of School is Wednesday, August 22.

If you have delayed re-enrolling, please do not wait to contact
Mrs. Roberts at

New Faculty Members in 2012-13

Please be sure to search out and greet teachers new to RCS. We are so blessed!

MSHS Campus

At our middle school and high school campus, we are so blessed to have Mr. David Summers (BA from Pennsylvania University and MA from Pennsylvania University) join our International Student staff after eighteen years teaching in China; Mrs. Stacie Clausen (UC Berkeley) joining our math/science faculty; and Miss Erin Suth (UC Irvine) taking over our drama department.

RCE Campus

On the RCE campus, Mr. Mark Van Maanen (Dordt College) will be teaching PE and coaching; Mr. Rob Carey (BA from Biola University and MS from Philadelphia Biblical University) will be joining our elementary faculty after fifteen years teaching at Black Forest Academy in Germany; and Miss Rachel Blessum (Simpson University) will also be joining our RCE faculty. I am pleased to announce two former teachers are returning: Mrs. Lisa Francis (BA from Masters University and MS from CSU East Bay) returns to RCS having taught from School.

1997-2001 (and having three children), and Mrs. Muriel
Chiavini, returning after a one- year sabbatical to rejoin our
PEACH faculty, where she taught for twelve years until Spring

Once again, I do hope that you will forward this information to your friends and family as we have stepped out in faith in creating the new positions as we believe that RCS is positioned to touch many, many more students for our Lord Jesus Christ.

Back-to-School BBQ at the MSHS

Are you ready for a great, exciting Christ-honoring school year? I am and I hope you are, too, because ready or not, school starts Wednesday, August 22! Be sure to attend our Backto-School BBQ on Monday, August 20 at Redwood Christian Middle School and High School, 1000 Paseo Grande, San Lorenzo. The BBQ begins at 5:00 P.M., and games and other activities will proceed a short dedication program for the 2012-13 school year beginning at 7:00 P.M. Hot dogs and chips will be provided at no cost, soft drinks will be provided by the High School Missions Team and desserts will be provided by our high school Executive Student Council. Meet old friends, make new friends and pick up your RCS calendar.

Don’t miss out on this great event!

Communication Tools between RCS and Your Family

We desire to utilize as many tools as feasible to enable open communication between our families and the school. Please read the following very carefully, and contact me if you have any questions. If I do not know the answer, I will refer your email or call to someone who does.

Parent E-mail List

Parents, please e-mail me and request inclusion in the “RCS Parents Only” E-mail List for 2012-13. The list is protected (individual e-mail addresses do not appear) and it is used to communicate important happenings and announcements, and will also be used in case of emergencies. Please remember to notify us when you change your e-mail address. Each year approximately 25% of the e-mails we start the year with become “stale” and are returned to us. To be sure, simply email and request to be added to the “RCS Parents Only” E-mail List each time you see this notice. Thanks.

School Calendar and Campus/Program Calendars on the website

Please remember that we have multiple calendars on our website under News/Events to assist parents with scheduling doctor/dentist appointments and family days. We will do our best to keep them updated with valuable information to help with your family planning. The calendars also include locations of various events. Please notify the campus/program involved if you have any problems with using these calendars. RCS Calendars include: Main, MSHS, RE, and Athletics – and should be “current” the week before school starts. You can visit the calendars at any time. If you have any questions about any event, please simply call the campus or the District Office.

Annual Dinner

Please plan to join us on October 22, 2012, 6:00 P.M., at Willow Park in Castro Valley as we celebrate our forty-three years of ministry! The dinner is sponsored by RCS Supporters and is for adults only. If you would like to participate as a sponsor for this great event, please e-mail or call Mrs. Wolf at or 510-889-7526. Please mark your calendar now to attend! The dinner is a GREAT place to introduce others to the RCS ministry. Please plan to respond as soon as you receive your invitation in late September as space is limited.

Important “NO SCHOOL” days for 2012-13 No School days are great days for dentist/doctor appointments and “family days.” The dates have been e-mailed to the RCS Community and are posted at

Good Question from a Parent

What is the difference between Teacher Prep Days and Teacher Training Days? Teacher Prep days are days when teachers are working on report cards and other classroom projects (near or at the end of each quarter). Teacher Training days are when we are doing school-wide (not campus-wide) staff development. Students do not come to school on either Teacher Prep or Teacher Work Days. (If you have a question of general interest, please e-mail me and I will respond in a future Parent News Bulletin. I always answer specific questions as soon as I receive them.)

RCS Web Page

The place to find pictures and announcements about upcoming RCS events is We also have a Facebook page! We encourage you to visit these sites often. And be sure to look at RedwoodChristianTV as many videos from throughout the year (and past years) are posted! RedwoodChristianTV is a great way to share RCS with other prospective families and family members who are unable to attend school events. You can access this through our website at or by going directly to


What is RenWeb? It is school management software that will enable parents to go online and check their student’s progress in class, track homework assignments and communicate with teachers. You access RenWeb by going to and clicking on the RenWeb icon. To learn more about RenWeb, please visit

Prayer Request

Throughout the year we have a need for volunteers to assist in our classrooms and the District Office with mailings and other “hands on” projects. If you would be willing to assist (and your schedule permits when we contact you), please e-mail Mrs.Wolf at

I continue to praise God for the commitment of our families and their desire to provide a Christ-centered education for their children. Each one of your children is precious to our Lord Jesus and to us. Feel free to contact me either at the District Office at 510-889-7526 or e-mail me at I do return telephone calls (usually within 24 hours) and e-mails the same day (if I do not respond, please re-send to me). It is critical that you sign all communications to me so I can respond (my practice is to not read anonymous mail as there is no one with whom to communicate). I am very responsive to e-mail and encourage its use.

Your family is in our prayers . . . please keep us in your’s!



Call your campus or e-mail me at

General Information

Tuition Payments

Tuition payments are due the first day of each month. The $50

Late Fee per student will not be assessed to accounts which are
current by the 10th of each month.

Please remember to include your oldest student’s first name with all payments for tuition, EDC and bus. If the student’s last name is different than yours, include the last name as well. A separate check should be used for any payment other than tuition, EDC and bus. Thank you!

Annual Asbestos Notice

Each of our campuses has been inspected for friable asbestos by a licensed inspector. A management plan has been developed and is located in the District Office. Parents are welcome to examine this document.

Student Insurance Coverage (K-12)

If a student sustains an accidental bodily injury while attending school during school hours or participating in or attending school-sponsored activities, including travel in a school provided vehicle, he/she is covered by the following provisions: 

Accident Coverage: An accident is to be reported to the school office within ten (10) days of occurrence. The parent then submits the necessary papers to the family’s health insurer for payment. The difference between that paid by the family’s insurer and the total cost incurred as a result of the accident will be paid by Redwood Christian Schools, up to $400 limit.

Deductible: There is no deductible on this coverage.

Interscholastic Athletics:Interscholastic athletic competition requires medical insurance coverage mandated by California Education code 31751-55. Redwood Christian Schools does NOT provide this athletic insurance protection; therefore the parents must provide their own coverage. The Athletic Director can supply policy requirements and suggest a reputable carrier. (This also applies to pre-season and summer play; parents assume full responsibility.)

Redwood Christian Elementary

Mr. Mike Kady, Principal 

Elementary Principal

Greetings from the Principal I trust you are enjoying a pleasant summer and spending
quality time with your family. As was mentioned at our last Parent-Teacher Fellowship, the “time” investments you make into the lives of your children will produce dividends for their lifetime and for eternity.

We have been very busy over the summer preparing for the upcoming school year: hiring teachers, ordering supplies and curriculum, updating technology in many of our classrooms and the library, and sprucing up the campus. The excitement is building as our faculty and staff will soon be returning and setting up their classrooms.

Of course, all this preparation would be meaningless if it were not for you and your children. We are looking forward to partnering with you as together we strive to instill the core values that the founders of Redwood Christian Schools established 43 years ago: to lead a disciplined life, to establish Christian truth a guide for life, to maintain high academic standards, to instill pure morals, and to generate a spirit of patriotism.

May God receive the glory for all that is accomplished this coming year!

Mike Kady – RCE Principal 

Help for a Good Beginning in the 2012-13 School Year

1. You may already be shopping for the items listed on the Classroom Supplies and Dress Code lists that were mailed to you. Please be sure to read these over carefully. If you have any questions regarding classroom supplies or dress code, please give us a call. If you did not receive these, you may pick  up a copy at our office, or phone (510) 537-4288 to have a  copy mailed to you.

2. For each personal item of clothing and supplies for your  child, please label clearly your child’s name with a permanent  marker. This will greatly help us to reduce the number of items  that end up in our lost and found.

3. On Tuesday, August 21, between 1:00-3:00 p.m., all  of our students are encouraged to check out their classrooms  on the RCE campus, put away their supplies, meet old and new  friends, and talk to their new (and former) teachers!

4. Reserve the late afternoon/early evening of Monday, August 20 to attend our Back-to-School Night featuring an all-school barbeque with the faculty doing the grilling! This event is for Kindergarten through 12th grade, and starts at  5:00 p.m. at the Middle/High School campus in San Lorenzo  (1000 Paseo Grande). RCS will provide the basics (hotdogs)  and the High School Missions Team will be selling drinks as a  fund raiser for the upcoming missions trip. Please be aware that  the 4th and 5th Grade Gym Suit/Bible Sale will be at this event  (all 4th and 5th graders are required to have an ESV Bible with  a concordance for the 2012-13 school year). We will conclude  our time together with a short program that will begin around  7:30 p.m. and end by 8:00 p.m.


* North Campus upper parking lot traffic: due to the narrow exit on James Avenue, please observe the ONE-WAY flow of traffic (always north to south); enter only from Alma Avenue and exit onto James Avenue. South Campus traffic:  please note there is a two-way traffic pattern except for the  lower driveway (Heyer Avenue) during the hours of 8:30 a.m.  to 9:30 a.m. and 3:15 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. During these times,  although the upper driveway leading to James Avenue remains  two-way, the driveway exiting southbound to Heyer Avenue is  one-way only.

* Drive no faster than 5 mph in the parking lots.

* Please be courteous to fellow drivers.

* Avoid backing up; accidents are more likely to occur in  a parking lot when cars are backing up.

6. Starting Wednesday, August 22 (the first day of  school), and on all school days throughout the year, teachers  will be opening their classrooms for their students at 8:45 a.m.  All K-5 students who arrive earlier may be sent to Extended  Day Care or will need to be under the direct supervision of their  parents until 8:45 a.m. Please do not bring your child to the  teacher’s door before 8:45 a.m. Please be also aware that the  main playground in front of the RCE Office on the South Campus is solely for the use of Extended Day Care before and after school. Students may use the fenced-in playground (when  open) before and after school if directly supervised by their  parent. When using this playground, please make sure you are  following all of the playground rules that are posted by the  entrance gate.

7. Please use only the upper parking lot at North Campus and  the main parking lot at South Campus to drop off or pick up  students. At North Campus, the lower parking lot is to be used  only for Redwood Forest Preschool parents, District Office/North  Campus faculty and staff, and parents that need to visit the  District Office. At South Campus, please do not use the “church  use only” portion of the parking lot (near the Worship Center)  to drop off or pick up students, as tempting as it might be,  especially for those students in Kindergarten or the 2nd or 3rd  grades that are up the steps in the A-wing. This area is usually  marked by a yellow sign and is reserved exclusively for  Redwood Chapel church staff and visitors.


Middle School & High School Campus

Mr. Al Hearne, Principal

RCS Principal

“Lost in Thought” – Mr. Hearne’s Tips for Success:

I believe that a person’s attitude often determines his or her
ability to succeed and that a student’s attitude toward school
helps determine his or her academic achievement. As the new
school year approaches here are my favorite tips for success
that I’d like for you to share with your child(ren):

  1. Daily spend time with God, in prayer and Bible study.
  2. Eat a healthy breakfast each morning. 
  3. Go to each class with a positive attitude, expecting to learn. Arrive early, and get ready to learn.
  4. Pay Attention in class.
  5. Take active notes during class and review them on a regular basis. 
  6. Start projects as soon as they are assigned.
  7. Complete and turn in homework on time.
  8. Read for pleasure each day.
  9. Spend time with your family, talking about what you’re learning in school.
  10. Get 8-10 hours of sleep each night.

We look forward to meeting with all the 6th Grade Students and New 7th-12th Grade Students! New-Student Orientation is Monday, August 20th, 3:00 p.m. in the MPR. You will meet the Executive Student Council, begin making new friends, get acquainted with the campus and ask all the questions you want! Parents will gather in the canteen at 3:15 p.m. and students will be finished by 4:15 p.m.

Back to School BBQ

Reserve the late afternoon/early evening of Monday, August 20th to attend our Back-to-School BBQ featuring an all-school barbeque with the faculty doing the grilling! This event is for Kindergarten through 12th grade, and starts at 5:00 p.m. at the Middle School & High School campus in San Lorenzo. RCS will provide the basics and the Missions Team will provide the drinks. We have also incorporated the PE uniform sale into this event. We will conclude our time together with a short program that will begin around 7:30 p.m. and end by 8:00 p.m.

Picture Day

MSHS pictures will be taken on Friday, August 24th,
beginning at 8:15 a.m.

Student Drivers Must Have A Parking Permit 

The office will be issuing parking permits to student drivers beginning Tuesday, August 14th, on a first-come-first-served basis. Student drivers may not park at school without a parking permit. To obtain a parking permit, student drivers need to make a refundable deposit of $20 and turn in the parking permit form mailed home with your class schedule. Please remember, that student drivers may only park in their assigned space and that your parking permit must be visible. Also remember, that the parking lot is closed to students during the school day.

Student Drop Off and Pick Up

Parents, we need your help to keep our parking lot safe!!!
Because the parking lot can easily become congested we are
asking you to please observe the following guidelines:

  • be patient and courteous when dropping off and picking up your children
  • make the full loop and do not cut through the student parking spaces
  • keep moving forward in the pick-up lane (the right lane) 
  • do not cut through the cones
  • do not pick up or drop off from the passing lane (the left lane) or the parent parking
  • do not park in the student parking spaces, in the passing lane, or the pickup lane

SAT Prep Class

We are offering a PSAT & SAT Prep class, to help the
Sophomores and Juniors prepare for the PSAT in October, as
well as for the Juniors and Seniors who will be taking the SAT.
The class will be held from 9 am-12:30p.m. on 9/8, 9/15, 9/22
and 9/29. The cost: $175 until 8/30 and $185 after 8/30. The
registration deadline is 9/4. Brochures will be available at the
MSHS office.

Parent-Teacher Night

Tuesday, August 28th, at 7 p.m. Take advantage of this opportunity to visit EACH of your student’s classes and hear from the teachers concerning course content and class procedures.

Class Schedules

Schedules for MSHS students will be mailed home prior to the first day of school. Please contact Mr. Huemoeller via email ( before the start of school for any changes. Changes will be made in the order that they are received and not all changes will be possible. After the start of school no changes will be made until Tuesday, September 4 (except moving a HS student into a teacher’s aide position). Parent, counselor and possibly teacher approval are needed for class changes.

Lost and Found

Please label your student’s clothes. This will make it easier to return lost items. Clothing in the Lost and Found will be donated to a local charity at the end of each month.


All MSHS teachers will be using our Web-based school
management software, RenWeb. This program allows
information to flow from our campus into your homes. RenWeb
has a unique ParentWeb service which allows parents and
students to login and check lesson plans, daily homework, class
progress, grades, tardies, and attendance, all under password
protection, from any location via the Internet. All students are
required to have an email address in order to utilize RenWeb to
its fullest potential. In addition, please make sure that the
office has your most recent email address so that you can also
receive the progress reports that are automatically emailed out
each weekend. If your email address needs to be updated,
please call Mrs. Kidwell (510-317-8990) or send her an email at

MSHS teachers use three symbols in their RenWeb gradebooks:

a grade, “P” for pending, or “M” for missing. “P” means that the assignment has been turned in but has not yet been graded, whereas “M” means that the assignment was not turned in (please ask your child why it wasn’t turned in). On the day an assignment is collected, MSHS teachers will mark either “P” or “M” in the gradebook. Rather than expecting to see a “P” changed to a grade overnight, please allow a teacher five days to correct and post “regular” assignment grades and 10 days to correct and post grades for tests, projects, and essays.

Dress Code

We are thankful for the partnership we have with our families and it is our desire that the dress code does not become a distraction with our students and families. The purpose of the dress standard at RCMSHS is four-fold: (1) to promote neatness and modesty; (2) to encourage the attitude that school is a place of instruction rather than play; (3) to enhance safety during the school day; (4) to promote school spirit and enthusiasm. By maintaining a standard of dress, we hope to encourage our students to learn how to make appropriate dress choices as Ambassadors for Christ, representing Him in all we do.

All clothing must be modest, neat and clean in appearance without frays, holes, or rips, and free from slogans, pictures, logos, etc., that are inconsistent with RCS philosophy. 

Please note the following clarifications for the 2012-2013 dress code:

  • For all students – In addition to wearing a shirt with a fold-over collar or a RCS t-shirt, students may also wear a pullover hoodie sweatshirt and still be in dress code.
  • For all students – The first, second, and third dress citations of the year will result in students having to “fix” the outfit. The fourth and following will result in demerits.
  • For boys – The waist of pants or shorts must be around waist (not the hips), with a belt, and undergarments may not be visible.
  • For girls – When wearing a skirt, dress, or shorts the hem must be 4″ from the floor when kneeling (knee length when standing).

Please ask these questions when selecting clothing and hairstyles:

  • Is it immodest (I John 2:15-17)?
  • Might my appearance be disruptive to learning by calling Attention to itself?
  • Does my appearance identify with a negative counter cultural group or a rebellious element of society?
  • Does the clothing present a health or safety hazard?
  • Is the clothing faded from washing, worn, or improperly fitted?
  • Is the clothing designed for a purpose other than school wear?

If the answer is “yes” to any of the above, then the attire or appearance is not acceptable for school. Please visit to review the entire dress code and remember all students need to wear either a RCS spirit t-shirt, a shirt with a fold-over collar, or a pull over hoodie sweatshirt. 

Washington D.C. Trip! 

Eighth graders and parents of eighth graders, the plans for our Washington D.C. trip have already begun. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to visit the many sights that have shaped our country. We will have the opportunity to see Boston, Amish country, and much of the Washington D.C. area. This is a trip you don’t want to miss. An informational meeting will be held on September 12th.


When your child is absent, please call Mrs. Kidwell in the office at 510-317-8990, or send a note to school with your child when he or she returns. Either of these will excuse the absence. While we do grant permission to miss school for family events, we ask that you limit the number of days that your student will be gone. Please plan time out of school during no-school days.When students know ahead of time that they will be missing school (other than for illness, doctor/dentist appointments, or funerals) they need to obtain a blue Personal Activities Permission Slip from the office. The slip is to be signed by each teacher involved, by the parent, and then by the assistant principal AT LEAST 24 HOURS IN ADVANCE. If the absence will be for more than a day or two the permission slip should be obtained a week in advance.


Parents, we need your help!!! We need to reduce the number of tardies to first period classes. Last there were 1084 tardies to first period. Teachers think about this as 1084 disruptions to their first period learning environment. To help reduce the tardies, plan on getting your child(ren) to school by 7:45. We know that the parking lot becomes congested but if you arrive between 7:30 and 7:45 you can typically drive right up to the drop-off point. Please help us reduce the number of first period tardies by getting your child(ren) to school early.


With only a few exceptions, RCS provides textbooks at no additional charge. One of these exceptions is that students will need to purchase, from the school, the novels they read in English class. These novels will become the property of the students and they will be taught how to write in them. 

Please remember that students are responsible for the care of their textbooks. Upon receiving a textbook a student must write his or her name inside the front cover and then put on a book cover. For the duration of the school year, textbooks need to be properly covered and properly put away (inside a backpack or locker) when not in use. Textbooks that are not properly put away will be taken to the office and the student will be fined $1.00. In addition, the student will have to pay for damaged or lost textbooks.

Minimum Day Alert

The first Wednesday of almost every month is a minimum day, with school ending at noon. We ask that you pick your child(ren) up by 12:30pm so that the faculty can focus on their professional development. Minimum Days provide a block of time for the faculty to plan and coordinate the next month of instruction. Any student on campus after 12:30pm is required to individually study in the library.

This year minimum days will be on September 5, October 3, November 7, December 5, February 6, April 10 and May 1. The Daily Schedule for all Minimum Days is:

Period Time Amount of Time

  • Period 1 8:00 – 8:30 30
  • Period 2 8:35 – 9:05 30
  • Period 3 9:10 – 9:40 30
  • Period 4 9:44 – 10:15 30
  • Break 10:15 – 10:25 10
  • Period 5 & 6 10:25 – 10:50 25
  • Period 7 10:55 – 11:25 30
  • Period 8 11:30 – 12:00 30

From the Guidance Counselor’s Desk:

Wow! It is never too early to begin thinking and planning for college. This year our students will have many opportunities to help with their preparation for their college and career future: college fairs, meeting college reps, financial aid workshops, SAT prep classes, PSAT testing and meeting with our guidance counselor, Mrs. Cagle.


In September, seniors will meet with Mrs. Cagle to discuss their college choices, application deadlines, SAT/ACT testing, etc. They will be attending the Christian College Fair and throughout the year they will be kept informed of other college opportunities, including a pre-admission meeting with a Chabot college rep.

Juniors & Seniors

Juniors are encouraged to take the SAT Prep Class that is offered here at RCS in the fall. In October, they will be given the PSAT test. They can also attend the Christian College Fair in the fall. In the spring, Juniors will meet Mrs. Cagle to register for classes and are also encouraged to take the SAT test if they have not done so yet. Juniors should also begin visiting colleges during their summer break.

Sophomores & Freshmen

These students will be attending the Christian College Fair, as well. This is a wonderful opportunity for students to become aware of the many college options that will be available to them. They will be taking the PSAT test in October. They will meet with Mr. Huemoeller or Mrs. Cagle in the spring to register for classes.

SAT DATES for 2012-2013
October 6, 2012
November 3, 2012
December 1, 2012
January 26, 2013
March 9, 2013
May 4, 2013
June 1, 2013

Registration fee is $50 for the SAT. For the SAT Subject Language and Listening Test the fee is $46. For all other SAT Subject Tests the fee is $35.For more information go to: sat.collegeboard.orgSAT Study Tip: MAKE A PLAN. Before you start your SAT study prep: 1) Decide what you are going to study. 2) How are you going to study. 3) When and where are you going to study.

Department of Athletics

Mr. Jim Cleveland, Director

Castro Valley RCS Director of Athletics

Visit the RCS Athletics Home Page

Welcome Back!

If you have any questions regarding programs, tryouts or scheduling, please contact the Department of Athletics. Thank you in advance for your support of the athletic program!

Practice Schedule for High School Athletics

Girls’ Volleyball (J.V. and Varsity)

John Wilcox, COACH (Varsity); Glenn Orr, COACH (J.V.) Conditioning will begin on Monday, August 6 from 1:00 -3:00pm at Sunset Gym. Tryouts will be Monday through Wednesday, August 13 – 15 from 1:00 – 4:00pm at Sunset Gym.

Girls’ Tennis

Tryouts begin August 13-17, 3-5 p.m.

Boys’ Soccer

Jason Thigpen, COACH
Begins August 6-10; Conditioning 3:30-6:00 p.m.
Tryouts August 13-17; Times 3:30-7:30 p.m.

Cross Country

Mark VanMaanen, COACH Begins August 13, 3:10-5:10 p.m. Mon, Wed and Fri, MSHS

Middle School Sports

There will be a meeting at lunch on Thursday, August 23, for fall athletes (boys’ and girls’ softball). Bring your lunch! Practice schedules will be announced at the meeting. Tryouts begin August 27. A Physical and Insurance Form will be required from all athletes before they can practice. The season runs September through October.

RCS Booster Club 

Please plan to join and get involved in this exciting facet of our Department of Athletics! The Booster Club enables school parents to participate in raising funds for athletic uniforms and equipment, as well as building school spirit. Be a member of this organization in the upcoming year! The Boosters have been a tremendous support to our athletic teams over the years. Sign-ups for the new year will begin  at our Pasta Feed on August 23.

Trying out for Athletics?

Please leave messages for individual coaches at the Department of Athletics Office (510-317-8988). Be sure that you have completed your Physical and Insurance Form (click here) and the Parent/Athlete Contract (click here), so that you can begin practicing with your team on the first day. You will only be allowed to participate once the form has been turned in. If additional forms are needed, they may be obtained from the MSHS campus office, from the District Office, or online at and then click on Athletics in late August.

Gym Clothes Sale

IMPORTANT! Please be aware we have incorporated the  4th and 5th Grade Gym Suit Sale into the Back-To-School Night BBQ on Monday, August 20, beginning at 5:00 p.m. at the MSHS campus. Gym clothes for MSHS students will be sold at the New-Student Orientation on August 20 beginning at 3:00 p.m. in the MPR on the MSHS campus. The cost of the clothes will be $30 ($18 for the T-shirt and $12 for the shorts). Sweats may be red, white or navy blue. A separate pair of P.E.-only tennis shoes must be worn with the uniform. Please take care of this BEFORE SCHOOL STARTS! All students in grades 4 through 10 who are in P.E. will need gym clothes. Redwood Christian sweatshirts can be purchased from the Booster Club beginning at Back-to School Night, August 20.

Boosters Back-to-School Pasta Feed and 2012-13
All-Sports Meeting for Parents and Coaches

This year’s parent/coaches meeting will be held in the MSHS MPR on Thursday, August 23, from 5:30 to 7:00 p.m. Enjoy a pasta feed by the Boosters,including all-you-can-eat spaghetti, salad, bread, and drinks. Become a member of the Booster Club that night and receive a free dinner. At 7:00 p.m., Athletic Director Jim Cleveland will begin the meeting with information related to all MSHS sports, followed by a required parent-coach meeting for all MSHS fall sports. Information about winter and spring sports will also be available at this meeting.

RCS Music Department

Mr. Mark Cagle

Middle School High School Fine Arts Teacher

The Importance of Music

Martin Luther was a music lover. “Next to the Word of God,” he said, “the noble art of music is the greatest treasure in the world! The riches of music are so excellent and so precious that words fail me whenever Iattempt to discuss and describe them.”

Music surrounds us and we wouldn’t have it any other way. An exhilarating orchestral crescendo can bring tears to our eyes and send shivers down our spines. Background sound tracks add emotional punch and brings life to movies on the big screen, your HDTV, smartphone, or tablet. Praise bands lift our spirits preparing us as we enter the throne room of God in worship. Organists at ballgames bring us together, cheering, to our feet. Parents croon soothingly to infants.

We see the importance of music in God’s Word. Multiple passages, as well as, an entire book: Psalms, refer to music or are songs to be sung. We are even commanded to sing: “Sing praises to God, sing praises. Sing praises to our King, sing praises” (Psalm 47:6, NIV). Saint Paul even exhorts the Ephesians and the Colossians “to sing psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs” (Eph. 5:19, Col. 3:16).

From an article by Phillip F. Schewe titled “Music Improves  Brain Function” dated November 6, 2009, we can read about the physiological importance of music: “For most people music is an enjoyable, although momentary, form of entertainment. But for those who seriously practiced a musical instrument, or used the voice, when they were young, perhaps when they played in a school orchestra or sang in the school choir, the musical experience can be something more.

Recent research shows that a strong correlation exists between musical training for children and certain other mental abilities.”

Laurel Trainor, director of the Institute for Music and the Mind at McMaster University in West Hamilton, Ontario, and colleagues compared preschool children who had taken music lessons with those who did not. Those with some training showed larger brain responses on a number of sound recognition tests given to the children. Her research indicated that musical training appears to modify the brain’s auditory cortex.

Can larger claims be made for the influence on the brain of musical training? Does training change thinking or cognition in general? Trainor again says yes. Even a year or two of music training leads to enhanced levels of memory and Attention when measured by the same type of tests that monitor electrical and magnetic impulses in the brain. “We therefore hypothesize that musical training (but not necessarily passive listening to music) affects Attention and memory, which provides a mechanism whereby musical training might lead to better learning across a number of domains,” Trainor said.

Trainor suggested that the reason for this is that the motor and listening skills needed to play an instrument in concert with other people appears to heavily involve Attention, memory and the ability to inhibit actions. Merely listening passively to music to Mozart — or any other composer — does not produce the same changes in Attention and memory.

Harvard University researcher Gottfried Schlaug has also studied the cognitive effects of musical training. Schlaug and his colleagues found a correlation between early-childhood training in music and enhanced motor and auditory skills as well as improvements in verbal ability and nonverbal reasoning.

The scientists also discovered that different instruments appear to cause a varying modification within the brain. Changes in the brains of singers occur in slightly different locations than those seen for keyboard or string players.

I am so thankful that our school’s administration and school board see the importance of music here at Redwood Christian Schools. I hope as a parent you also realize the importancemusic can have on your child’s education and that you would encourage him\her to be involved in some type of music class: choir, strings, and band. Make this next school year a memorable year for your child as they participate to glorify God through singing or playing an instrument.

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