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The View from the Superintendent’s Office

Mr. Bruce D. Johnson, Superintendent –

Bruce D. Johnson, Sr.Greetings!  Please be sure to read through this entire bulletin as it has several important items. 

I continue to praise God for the commitment of our families and their desire to provide a Christ-centered education for their children. Each one of your children is precious to our Lord
Jesus and to us. Feel free to contact me either at the District
Office at 510-889-7526 or e-mail me at I do return telephone calls (usually within 24 hours) and e-mail the same day (if I do not respond, please re-send to me).

You ARE recognized for your faithfulness!

Re-Enrollment.  Re-enrollment is well underway and applications are coming in every day from families with prospective students! Classes that are currently open may fill up in the very near future. If you have not re-enrolled yet, please go on-line to RenWeb and do so by completing the FACTS re-enrollment along with selecting your payment plan (all steps must be completed). If you need help, please contact one of the following: Mrs. Spade at the MSHS (, Mrs. Boyd at RE (, or Mrs. Roberts at the District Office ( If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at, thanks!

Use of E-mail Addresses by Redwood Christian Schools.  We use email to keep our families informed of current events and announcements. If you would prefer NOT to receive school e-mails at work, please email Valerie Wolf at and ask to have your business e-mail removed from our mailing list. Be sure, though, that you leave us with at least one email 🙂 Thanks!

Possible tuition assistance funding for qualified RCS families for 2013-14 school year.  If you are currently receiving funding from The Basic Fund, Independent Fund or Guardsmen, you must renew your scholarship with them. RCS uses FAST tuition assessment for in-house evaluations and recommendations. Simply go to Tuition Grants. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. Please remember, you must apply each year.

Looking for Families Interested in Opening their Homes to International (I-20) Students.  Please consider the following opportunity with RCS Global: RCS Global, our international outreach program, is looking for families willing to open their homes and hearts to international students who will be coming to Redwood Christian Schools for the 2013-14 school year. This opportunity allows our families, in addition to RCS, to share the Light of Christ to students from other countries. We have several International students who would like the “total American experience,” including an excellent education and staying with one of our families. We are looking for families who attend church regularly and are able to provide a private bedroom for the International student. Please consider opening your heart and your home to one or more of these wonderful students. The student’s family, RCS Global or agent will take care of the tuition and will work out a host fee to cover room and board with you. Your obligation/ministry would be to care for this child like your own, including church, family dinners, family outings and provide a safe, secure, loving environment for a student a long way from home. We ask you to prayerfully consider this opportunity and let us know as soon as possible. School begins on August 21, 2013. Students will be arriving around August 10, as travel is individual. If you are interested or you have expressed interest in the past but do not yet have a student assigned to you, please e-mail Mrs. Wright at or call her at 510-889-7526. Within your e-mail, let her know how many students you can take, prefer boy or girl (please use your family as a guide for this, i.e., if you have a teenage boy, ask for another), and if you would prefer to work with an agent or with the family directly.

We are praying that the families the Lord would have do this will feel the tug on their hearts and answer this call.

Thank you to all who attend RAD (Redwood Appreciation Dinners) in January!  Attendance was tremendous at RAD on January 10 and 11, as we shared a great meal, were blessed by the talents of many of our students, received training on how to effectively use Word of Mouth to promote RCS and watched as six families were blessed by winning partial tuition scholarships for 2013-14 donated by one of our supporters! At the meeting we discussed seven things all children need. The Seven Things All Children Need (as well as the Ten Reasons to Enroll at RCS) brochure is available at all campus offices for our families to distribute at work, church, friends, and relatives. Or you may e-mail Mrs. Roberts at and let her know how many to mail to you! Thank you, in advance, for your support.

We have a number of New-Parent Information Meetings on the calendar, and it would be great for you to not only recruit a family or two to attend the meetings, but accompany them! The next New-Parent Information Meeting is Thursday, March 14, in Williams Chapel (on the Redwood Elementary campus at Redwood Chapel Community Church, 19300 Redwood Road, Castro Valley).

Our 2013 Jog-a-thon is coming in March. The students have completed forms and received individual recognition for their “friend-raising” efforts. Be sure to come out and support your jogger the day of the jog! And bring Grandma and Grandpa with you! See you there.

Are you on our RCS Parent E-mail list? If not certain, please email

Questions?  Call your campus or e-mail me at

General Information

Thank You For Your Patience.  We will be using FACTS to collect our tuition and program income, beginning with the 2013-14 school year. Parents who have re-enrolled initiated their own accounts with FACTS, but there is much work to be done to finalize new accounts for hundreds of families. Our goal is for FACTS to begin invoicing re-enrollment fees in March.

Redwood Christian Elementary

Mr. Mike Kady, Principal

Elementary Principal

Re-Enrollment.  It is re-enrollment season and we are once again experiencingm a high rate of re-enrollment for next year. Thank you, parents, for your commitment that helps us plan for the next school year. If you have not already done so, please re-enroll your children as soon as possible. When you take into consideration both your child’s and your overall experience at RCS, creating the partnership we enjoy, as together we establish a firm spiritual foundation for your child. RCS provides a strong and well-rounded academic program that averages 1.5 years above national norms, a caring administration, faculty and staff, strong music, art, and physical education programs, before and after day care, weekly chapels, and so much more – it helps put into perspective that God has blessed us with a great opportunity that will return priceless dividends back into the lives of our students both now and for eternity.

Our Best Advertisers – YOU!  Are you displaying your RCS magnet on your car? You are the best and most effective advertisers of our school. If you know of families who are searching for a quality education, please share the benefits of attending our school. Encourage them to take a tour of the campus, invite them to attend a New Parent Information Night (see Calendar below), and even offer to attend with them. We would love to sit down with them and share further how RCS can make an impact in the life of their child. P.S.: more RCS car magnets are available in our office if you need another one.  

Veterans Receive Valentines Day Cards from EDC.  Under the direction of our art teacher, Sheri Blackburn, students in our Extended Day Care program recently ministered to our veterans by making Valentines Day cards. One hundred Valentines cards were sent with Mr. AC Enderlin and his wife who delivered the cards to the Menlo Park Veterans Hospital.

Mr. Enderlin wrote:

“Thank you for the love you shared with the valentines day cards you made for the Veterans at Menlo Park Veterans Hospital. And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love. (1 Corinthians 13:13 NIV) The cards really show that we love them and respect what they have done for us and our country and they are a great way to get conversations started. All were blessed, those who received, those who delivered, and all of you who had a part in making the cards.”

Pictures of the event can be viewed by clicking on the following link:

Bibles Awarded.  Congratulations to our newest Victory Drill reading champions for passing page 50 in Victory Drill: Matthew Burnett, Joseph Byboth, Xavier Clark, Adrianna Gonzales, Keilani Montoya, Daniel Summers.

Upcoming Events

Jog-a-thon Deadline and Events during March.  The deadline to turn in Jog forms in order to earn all Jog prizes was 10:00 a.m. on February 27. However, Jog T-shirts, Gym Bags or Sweatshirts were still earned by turning in jog forms by 10:00 a.m. on Thursday, February 28.

Throughout March, many Jog events are planned for individuals and classes who qualify for them.

Activities for individuals include:
* Pizza parties at Mountain Mikes (for individuals who turned in 60+ jog forms)
* Bowling (for individuals who turned in 100+ jog forms)

Class activities in March include:
* Jog-a-jumper inflatable obstacle course (for classes who reach 100% of their goal)
* Jog-a-dog BBQ (for classes who reach 150% of their goal)
* Ice cream video party (for those super classes who reach 200% of their goal).

Please see the calendar section below for specific dates.
And yes! We do need many volunteers to help with these
Finally, please plan on joining us March 13 to cheer on the joggers for the RCE Jog Run. Parking will be available at the South Campus, and we will be running our laps in the
upper parking lot at the North Campus.

Track times for Elementary are as follows:

KB 12:35 p.m. 110 yds. 15 minutes
1M, 1O 1:00 p.m. 110 yds. 15 minutes
3B 1:25 p.m. 110 yds. 15 minutes

KL, K/1C 12:35 p.m. 110 yds. 15 minutes
2Be, 2Bl 1:00 p.m. 110 yds. 15 minutes
3S, 2/3C 1:25 p.m. 110 yds. 15 minutes

4A, 4F, 4/5C 2:00 p.m. 110 yds. 15 minutes
5N, 5E 2:25 p.m. 110 yds. 15 minutes

Spiritual Emphasis Week. Miss Jenny Bruce, Director Of Children’s Ministries at Creekside Community Church, San Leandro, will be challenging our students with God’s Word during our Spiritual Emphasis Week Monday through Friday, March 25-28.

Parents and friends are more than welcome to join us for Spiritual Emphasis Week, beginning at 2:30 p.m. until 3:15 p.m. each day in the Worship Center.

Annual Achievement Testing.  We will be taking the TerraNova 3 assessment March 15-26

Here are some practical ways to help our children:
1. A good night’s sleep is important for clear thinking the
next day.
2. A healthy breakfast – plenty of protein would be excellent.
3. Encourage a serious but relaxed attitude – some children
treat the testing so casually that they make careless
mistakes. Some children get so anxious that they do not work
up to their ability because there is too much pressure.
4. Attendance is important! Please do not schedule trips,
doctor or dentist appointments, etc., during the mornings of
these days. Arrive to class on time – you may not receive
important Terra Nova 3 summary scores if your child has
missed some of the assessments.

Campus Calendar   

* March 5 K-2nd Grade Jog Pizza Party (for those who turned in 60 jog forms), Mountain Mike’s, CV – 11:45 a.m.
* March 6 3rd-5th Grade Jog Pizza Party (for those who turned in 60 jog forms), Mountain Mike’s, CV – 12:35p.m.
* March 7-8 NO School, BASS Convention at RCE, EDC open at MSHS
* March 10 Daylight Savings Time begins (move clocks forward an hour)
* March 12 K-2nd Grade Bowling with Mr. Kady (for those who turned in 100 jog forms), Castro Valley Village Bowl – 1:30 p.m.
* March 11 3rd-5th Grade Bowling with Mr. Kady (for those who turned in 100 jog forms), Castro Valley Village Bowl – 1:30 p.m.
* March 14 New Parent Information (NPI) Meeting for K-12, 7:00 p.m., RCE South Campus
* March 15 Jog-a-dog BBQ (for classes who reached 150% of their class goal), gym – 11:45 a.m. – 1:20 p.m.
* March 18 Jog Ice Cream/Video Party (for classes who
reached 200% of their class goal), gym – 1:45 p.m. – 3:15 p.m.
* March 18 ParentsWeb Grade Book/Weekly Progress Report disabled
* March 19-21 Speech Meet Run-offs, Worship Center, 2:30 p.m. – 3:15 p.m. daily
* March 20 RCE Jog-a-thon Make-ups, North Campus parking lot – 9:10 a.m.
* March 20-21 Jog Inflatable Obstacle Course (for classes who reached 100% of the class goal), gym, during PE classes
* March 21 End of 3rd Quarter
* March 22 NO School, EDC open, Teacher Preparation Day
* March 22 ACSI Choral Festival for Royal Choir at Fremont Christian, 3:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.
* March 25-28 Spiritual Emphasis Week, Chapels daily at 2:30 p.m. in Worship Center
* March 28 Report Cards come home with students
* March 28 ParentsWeb Grade Book/Weekly Progress Report enabled
* March 29 NO School, Good Friday, EDC and offices closed


* April 1-5 NO School, Easter Break, EDC and offices
* April 8 School resumes
* April 15-26 TerraNova 3 Achievement Assessments;
please have students in school during mornings
* April 15 Home School Meeting, 7:00 p.m. – 9:00
p.m., RCE South Campus, C6
* April 18 New Parent Information (NPI) Meeting for
K-12, 7:00 p.m., RCE South Campus
* April 20 ACSI Band Festival, 4th-12th grades, Santa
* April 24 Administrative Assistants Day
* April 28 RCS Festival of Fine Arts, 4:00 p.m.,
Redwood Chapel in Worship Center
* May 4 ACSI Speech Meet, Vacaville Christian School,

Extended Day Care.  Summer Extended Day Care will be open to care for your children from June 10th through August 16th. Enrollment information will be going out to all students currently enrolled in Kindergarten through sixth grade on Thursday, March 21st. Open enrollment will begin Monday, March 25th. In order to receive the best rates, enrollment forms will be due in the EDC office by May 10th.

Summer EDC use is different from school-day use in several ways. Only those enrolled and pre-registered for Summer EDC may participate in the program. We do not offer “drop-in,
hourly, or partial day” options during the summer. Each preregistered weekly payment is due on Monday the week prior to the actual week being used.

Just some of the potential Summer EDC activities: Vacation Bible School; Swimming; Park Days; Team Building;Arts and Crafts; Themed Days; Guest Speakers; Field Trips (tentative); Sports; Jumping Castle; PLUS many more FUN activities!


Middle School & High School Campus
Mr. Al Hearne, Principal

RCS PrincipalLost in Thought
By Mr. Hearne
Introducing iLearn@RCS

Different Brains Require Different Teaching Methodologies.  The mission of Redwood Christian Schools is to provide a Christ- centered education which is able to equip students for daily living and eternal life. The tools that RCS utilizes to accomplish this mission are the Core Values, Expected Schoolwide Learning Results, and the Vision for Education. Any new program that is brought into RCS must be aligned with and seamlessly integrate into the already existing school philosophy. iLearn@RCS will do just this; it will systematically integrate into and enhance the excellent Christ-centered education that RCS has been providing for more than 40 years.

Dr. Bruce Perry, Baylor College of Medicine has stated that “Different kinds of experiences lead to different brain structures, as we shall see in the next installment, it is very
likely that our students’ brains have physically changed and are different from ours as a result of how they grew up”.[1]  Because the brains are wired differently the manner in which we teach must change. As Christian educators we must teach to the students that God has sent into our classrooms and sometimes this means that we have to change what we do in order to better reach the children under our care.


“Screenagers” Roaming the Land.  A major component of daily living in the 21st century is the proliferation of technology that is readily accessible. Students living today are digital natives, they are Screenagers. The Screenagers who roam the halls of RCS have grown up in a world of technology and their brains are wired differently than any other generation. Screenagers cannot imagine a world in which: videos cannot be made or watched on a cell phone, text messages cannot be sent at all hours of the day, status updates cannot be posted on Facebook, or video games cannot be played wirelessly against people in other countries. Screenagers are authors, creators, designers, and networkers. By virtue of their digital connections they have created a worldwide community and are creating a new version of the English language.

Screenagers learn in a different way in part due to their digital connections to others and in part to the manner in which their brains are wired. Screenagers are networkers and multi-taskers who are easily bored and can become unmotivated by traditional teaching practices. Screenagers are used to having information at their fingertips and are able to quickly scan large amounts of text in order to find the data that they are looking for before they click and go on to the next page. Screenagers live a fast- paced life, one in which they are constantly bombarded with visual, auditory, and digital stimuli. Screenagers play video games, instant message, text message, watch TV, listen to music, surf the internet, shop online, and Facebook, and can do so almost all at the same time!

RCS is excited to expand its initiative iLearn@RCS, to include all high school students. This initiative is designed to better prepare RCS students for daily living in the 21st century. RCS will continue integrating educational technology through iPads into the existing high school curriculum over a 2-3 year period of time. The vision for iLearn@RCS is to utilize a Biblical Worldview while providing 21st century living and learning skills.

21st century skills are commonly grouped into four categories:[1]

  • Ways of Thinking – creativity, critical thinking, problemsolving, decision-making and learning;
  • Ways of Working – communication and collaboration;
  • Tools for Working – information and communications technology (ICT) and information literacy;
  • Skills for Living in the World – citizenship, life and career, and personal and social responsibility.

The Blue Personal Activities Permission Slip.  When a student is going to be absent from school for events other than doctor/dentist appointments, funerals or illness, a blue Personal Activities Permission Slip must be filled out by the student, the teachers and the parent, and turned in to the office 24 hours prior to the absence. The purpose of this is to inform the parent of the student’s current standing in each of his or her classes and about what work needs to be completed before returning to class. A student near failure in even one class might not want to miss school to leave early for a snow trip, for example. This is required even if only one period is missed. A detention will be assigned to the student who fails to turn in the BLUE SLIP.

It’s Time to Sign-Up for Middle School Classes.  During March and April, fifth, sixth and seventh graders will register for next year’s classes. Students will receive an elective sheet which will give brief explanations of the electives and provide a place for indicating a preference. Most courses in Middle School are required; when you read the course descriptions, you will note that students will have the opportunity to learn a great deal of content, and they will, with due diligence, also learn several academic skills. Two, one semester Middle School electives are offered on Monday, Wednesday and Friday; one elective is taken the first semester and the other is taken during the second semester. We do this so that students can take several different classes during their Middle School years. We do our best to give students their first choices for electives. Some electives may change depending upon teacher availability and interest. On Tuesday and Thursday all middle school students take Focus classes. Sixth graders take Social and Organizational Skills. Seventh graders take one semester of study skills and one semester of keyboarding. Eighth graders take one semester of Forensic Science and one semester of Life Lessons. We welcome parents’ questions and/or comments. Feel free to call the school office at 510-317-8990.

Parents of eighth graders should take note of the information for senior high students.

Scheduling High School Classes for 2013-2014. Class scheduling is the time to consider the future. What classes will best meet the requirements for post-high school plans? Students will be receiving registration materials the early part of March. There will be a group session, during which general information important to all students will be

After students and parents have discussed next year’s program, students will need to make an appointment with the following administrators/counselors: eighth grade: Mr. Hearne; ninth grade: Mrs. Cagle or Mr. Huemoeller; tenth grade: Mrs. Cagle or Mr. Huemoeller; eleventh grade: Mrs. Cagle or Mr. Huemoeller. During this appointment, a check will be made to see that the selection of classes is appropriate, questions can be answered, and the class selection sheets will be completed.

Students who are currently in the ninth grade generally have few choices, so they will fill out the registration materials in a group session. As there is need, ninth graders may make appointments to register for classes and/or ask questions.  While some changes can be made in the summer, our program will be structured by the choices expressed during this sign-up period. Therefore, this is the time to give serious consideration to the classes desired for next fall. Parents do need to watch for the schedule of classes mailed home in August. This is your time to double-check what your student has selected.

From the High School Guidance Counselor.  Eleventh graders are encouraged to take the S.A.T. Reasoning and S.A.T. Subject or the ACT in May or June of this year. These tests are generally required as part of the college entrance criteria. Taking these tests early can be beneficial for a number of reasons which are too numerous for this column. There is seldom a need to take the S.A.T. before May of the eleventh grade. Students are usually best prepared to take the S.A.T. Subject when they are preparing for final exams. If you want more information, please have students see Mr. Huemoeller. The preferred method of registration is online at

AP Exam Alert!  Redwood Christian High School offers many Advanced Placement classes: Calculus AB, European History, English Language and Composition, English Literature and Composition, Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, US History, and World History. Students enrolled in any of these classes will be taking the AP Exam, which costs $87, during the first two weeks of May.

May 8 – 8:00 Calculus AB
May 8 – 12:00 AP Chinese Language
May 9 – 8:00 English Literature and Composition
May 10 – 8:00 English Language and Composition
May 15 – 8:00 US History
May 15 – 12:00 European History
May 16 – 8:00 Macroeconomics
May 16 – 8:00 World History
May 16 – 12:00 Microeconomics

Campus Calendar
March 7 & 8 – No School
March 5-9 – Food Drive
March 11 – 7pm High School Winter Athletic Awards
March 15 – BAAM for MS March 15 – JOG
**March 25 – MSHS Spring Choral Concert** (new date)
April 9 – MS ACSI Speech Meet
March 21 – HS ACSI Speech Meet
March 22 – No School
March 26 – Degrees of Reading Power Assessment
March 27 – Easter Chapels
March 28 – Report Cards Handed out
March 29 – No School – Good Friday
April 1-5 – No School – Easter Break
April 10 – Let’s Go Fishing For All HS Students
April 16, 17, or 18 – Writing Test For Grades 6, 8, 10, and 12
April 18 – Petitions due for HS Executive Student Council
April 26 – High School Drama 7pm Stage Right & PHAT Friday for MSS
April 28 – 4pm Festival of the Fine Arts at Redwood Chapel Community Church

MSHS Parking Lot Instructions.  Parents, thank you for being patient and courteous in the parking lot, which we know easily becomes congested. I have a huge favor to ask: please do enter through the exit.  In order to help the traffic flow as smoothly as possible, we are asking you to please observe the following guidelines:

  • only drop your child off in the designated pickup/drop off area
  • do not allow your child to walk across three lanes of traffic
  • be patient and courteous when dropping off and picking up your children
  • make the full loop and do not cut through the student parking spaces
  • keep moving forward in the pick-up lane (the right lane) 
  • do not cut through the cones
  • do not pick up or drop off from the passing lane (the left lane) or the parent parking
  • do not park in the student parking spaces, in the passing lane, or the pickup lane
  • do not enter the exit

Department of Athletics
Castro Valley RCS Director of Athletics

Mr. Jim Cleveland, Director
Visit the RCS Athletics Home Page

Elementary Bowling.  Mrs. Amy Neal supervises this year’s bowling program. The program started February 26 and will run for eight weeks. There will be no bowling on Tuesday, April 2nd due to Easter Break.

Elementary Basketball.  Pastor Brian Goodell and Ms. Erin Johnson are doing a great job with our elementary basketball teams! The teams compete every Saturday in the H.A.R.D. Basketball League. Come out and support them. Both teams play at El Rancho Verde gym in Hayward. Call the Athletics Office for directions and game times: 510-317-8988.

Sports Physicals.  Schedule your sports physicals now for the 2013-14 school year! June or July is the best time to get them in order to be eligible for next year’s athletic teams. Please do not wait until the week before tryouts.

Winter Sports Awards.  Plan to attend the high school Winter Athletic Awards program on March 11, 2013 at 7:00 p.m. in the MPR at the MSHS campus. Bring a favorite dessert or finger food for six. Game Day dress code is in effect for all athletes! All winter athletes are required to attend unless excused by their coach.

Spring Sports Schedules.  Schedules are online at (click on “Athletics”) or pick up your spring sports schedules for MSHS athletics in the office. Directions to away games are included.

Alumni Spring Sports. All RCS graduates are welcome to attend and participate in the following alumni games:
4/13 Girls’ Softball 11 a.m., CV Community Center
4/13 Boys’ Volleyball 1:30 p.m., Neighborhood Gym
4/20 Boys’ Baseball 7 p.m., San Leandro Ball Park

Booster Club Update. Many thanks to all who attended the RCS Booster Club Crab Feed and Auction. The event was a great evening of fellowship, fun, and good food. Over $11,000 was raised for the RCS Athletic Department! Thank you. Proceeds from the event will go towards uniforms and equipment for elementary, Middle School and High School athletic teams.

RCS Music Department

Cagle, MarkMr. Mark Cagle

What have the choirs been doing in January and February?  All RCS Choirs been practicing new music for the upcoming festivals and for the upcoming Festival of Fine Arts program. All songs need to be memorized. Choir folders are being brought home and there should be a lot of singing in your house (especially the High School with Musicale only weeks away)!

March and April are festival months for all of our choirs. The High School ACSI Musicale is coming up on Thursday and Friday, March 7-8, culminating with the Mass Choir Concert at 7:00 pm, Friday evening, at Capital Christian Center (9740 Micron Avenue, Sacramento). The high school choir will be leaving Wednesday evening at 7:00 pm by school bus and returning late Friday evening after the concert.  Royal Choir is preparing for its ACSI Elementary Choral Festival on Friday, March 22, at Harbor Light Assembly of God Sanctuary (Fremont Christian School) in Fremont.  The Middle School’s New Horizon Choir is preparing for its ACSI Middle School Choral Festival on Friday, April 19th, in Roseville.

Upcoming Choral Dates:

  • March 7-8 High School Musicale Choral Festival, Sacramento (HS Concert Choir)
  • March 18 Spring Concert, MSHS Multi-Purpose Room, 7:00 pm
  • March 22 Elementary Choral Festival (Royal Choir)
  • April 19 Middle School Choral Festival (MS New Horizon Choir)
  • April 28 RCS Festival of Fine Arts Musicale, Redwood Chapel Community Church 4:00pm
  • May 30 7th Annual Pop’s Concert at MSHS Campus at 2:00pm
  • June 5 Royal Choir sings at 5th grade graduation at 11:00am, Redwood Chapel
  • June 6 MS New Horizon Choir sings at 8th grade graduation, 7:00pm/Redwood Chapel


Warner, BenRCS Global
Mr. Ben Warner
One of my favorite things about Redwood Christian Schools is
its heart for missions. Whether through community service
projects, local ministry outreaches, or through the RCS
Missions team, our students and staff have amazing
opportunities to share the love of Jesus with everyone we come in contact with. Our school board made a decision a few years ago to pursue having international students as a part of our student body as it would allow for the school family to have
opportunities to interact with students from around the world
and to plant seeds of the gospel in their lives!

It has been a wild first year overseeing RCS Global (our International Student Program). I have had a wonderful time learning from our students about their lives and encouraging them towards great things personally, academically, and spiritually. One of the joys my wife and I have as well as many of our RCS families is hosting international students in our home. We love the two girls who are living with us as our own children, and we are excited to live out our faith with them each day. At school, on sports teams, on socials, in our homes, and in so many other ways, our students, staff and families at RCS are able to be involved in missions daily and in each moment.

I have heard from many of our international students that they love our teachers and that they really feel loved at RCS. What they are seeing is Jesus lived out in front of them. As an alumnus of RCS, I know that missions and the idea of sharing Christ with others is emphasized in all we do. One of our other alumni who was a part of the RCHS Missions team and has recently returned to RCS as a staff member sent me an email telling me about a wonderful conversation she had with three of our international young ladies:

Hey there!
The conversation began when Student A started asking me questions in regards to her Theology paper on Dating. We went through the questions Mr. Russell had provided first and then I was candid with her. I asked, “I know these are the questions he gave you in class as examples, but this project is about you forming your own ideas on this- your OWN theology. What do you want to know about?” She asked, “What is ‘True Love’?” I continued with this, “Well, ‘True Love’ is a sacrifice. True love is not always beautiful and romantic. The Bible says, “There is no greater love than this, that a man would lay down his life for his friends.” Student B said, “What does this mean, lay down your life?” I said, “It means to die for someone else, but not in a way that was by accident. This phrase ‘to lay down’ means you choose to give your life away. Sacrifice means giving up something that is important to you; something that you normally would not want to give away. That’s what God did for us. He gave away his own son, to die so we could have life.
Jesus is a perfect image of true love; he laid down his life for ours. Not just people who were living at the time, but for you and me too.” I continued with, “That’s why we have to be cautious with our relationships; being in true love will always mean sacrifice. It might not mean we lay down our lives, but we should be ready to. That’s what ‘true love’ is to me; the love of Jesus.” Student B then says, ” Miss Suth, I have hate God and I do the bad things. Why the Jesus have think as He died that I should be get this gift?”

I then recited to them Romans 8:38-39 and explained the vocabulary to show that there is nothing that separates us from God’s love. No matter what we have done. The conversation veered then into talking about their own parents and their families and whether or not they felt they themselves could sacrifice their lives. The conversation went on and on and was fantastic. I could fill pages, but I’ll leave you with just this.
In short, I love this program and I’m so thankful to the Lord and to you and Mr. Hearne for letting me be a part of it.”

Miss Suth

This is the very reason we have international students at RCS. Conversations like these are a normal occurrence on campus. God is doing amazing things in the hearts of our international students. I would like to invite you to add our international students to your prayer list.

This morning as I was driving to work and praying for our students, the song “My Chains Are Gone” by Chris Tomlin came on. I leave you with the lyrics from this song as a prayer for every student at RCS and especially for those being introduced to Christ for the first time.”My chains are gone. I’ve been set free. My God, my Savior has ransomed me. And, like a flood, His mercy rains. Unending love, Amazing grace.”

Home School Program
Mrs. Sue Abbott

The Redwood Christian Home School Program is partnering with parents throughout the Bay Area. This year we have 19 students participating in our program.

Home School students are taking on-campus classes:

  • Elementary students are taking classroom art, music and PE
  • Middle School students are taking choir and keyboarding
  • High School students are taking Art, Chemistry and Band

MSHS Home School students have also participated in sports this year:
Tennis, Basketball and Baseball

We are very proud to announce Robert Busch
has received the Most Valuable Player Award for MS Basketball

Congratulations Robert!!

The students of Redwood Christian Schools Home School Program are very busy! Students take various tests, participate in activities, and take advantage of the school libraries.
Many of the current families participate in the RCS Private Satellite Program where RCS “holds” their records, assists in choosing curriculum and partners with families to be sure every student is on track for graduation and meeting college entrance requirements.

Our Home School Program is growing
Inquiries from 6 different families have been received just this week alone! If you know of home school families who would like to take advantage of what Redwood offers, please tell them about our program.

More information can be found on the Home School page. You may e-mail Sue Abbott directly at: or call her at 510-676-0094 to find out more about this growing, vibrant program!

Please Note for future reference:
Bus Service will end the Friday before Finals week in June.

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