What Mrs. Vanegas’ 3rd Graders Dream About

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Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream that changed the world, and so do Mrs. Vanegas’ 3rd grade students!  From the creative to the passionate, here are the dreams they shared with us.


“I dream of being a baseball player!” “I dream that I can be a math teacher, have five children, be with them, and make lots of different foods!”
“I dream about having a collection of real light sabers and that I will live forever!” “I dream of world peace!”
“I dream that the whole world will be full of peace!” “I dream everyone will know God!”
“I dream that there will be world peace!” “I dream that I could be a scientist working on medicine!”
“I dream about being a paleontologist.” “I dream that my whole family will be in heaven!”
“I dream about fortresses because I want to have adventures, but I can’t!” “I dream that I can be a great video game player!”
“I dream about being a video game maker, programmer, editor, or updater!” “I dream of seeing my grandpa again!”
“I dream that I could ride horses professionally!” “I dream there will be more churches in San Francisco.”
“I dream that someday I will be an artist or a scientist!” “I dream that I will become a NBA player!”
“I dream that I could talk to animals and be a shape-shifter!” “I dream that I could see God in Heaven!”
“I dream about being in the army!” “I dream that my favorite TV show will have more episodes on Netflix!”


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