Stage Left Drama Night a Success!

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The Middle School Drama class and High School Drama I class put on their first production of the year, Stage Left, last Friday. Performing for a full house, Middle School Drama students presented a classic detective story with a twist in Whodunit, and High School Drama I took a modern twist to a classic, The Odyssey.  Both plays were acted with humor and enthusiasm.

The detectives may not know who the killer is but the audience knows. Victoria Brock acted the role of the announcer to open Whodunit. Her serious demeanor with a hint of sarcasm gave the audience the real facts. Following that, the audience had fun watching the experts—and the amateur—as they struggled to solve the dire murder. Was it the butler (Xavier Clark)? Was it Grandma (Yael Cherry) who walks with a limp with the help of a cane?  It just couldn’t be Alice (Audrey Tang) who is adoringly referred to as “Sweet Alice” by her suitor Malcolm (Xander Russell).  The team, joined by a maid ready to quit, a nasty uncle, and gruff exterminator, suddenly have a murder on their hands.  The wind howls, lights flicker and bloodcurdling screams are heard … someone for “shore” done it!  While “whodunit” is the story line, fun was the true objective, and the Middle School Drama team gave the crowd just that!

After intermission, the Drama I actors took the stage for a fast-paced and funny adaptation that brought Homer’s original story to life. Odysseus (Alex Jarrad) and his crewman Pete (Jonathan Burckin) must overcome many adventures on their long voyage home after the Trojan War.  Odysseus, Pete, and their crew had to overcome an awkward teenage cyclops, Polyphemus (Alysia Scarson), a Scylla monster named Charybdis (Robin Gan), and various other gods and monsters.  Although Odysseus battles terrifying monsters and has to escape from some dicey situations, he does make it back to his hometown of Ithaca, learning some hard lessons in trust, humility, and the power of brains over brawn.

Stage Left provided entertainment, laughs, and a lot of praise for the actors’ hard work. We look forward to the next production in the spring by the Drama Department led by Mrs. Tilly.

Drama I performs The Odyssey.



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