Redwood Christian Schools Enters First Marching Band in 2017 Rowell Ranch Rodeo Parade

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In addition to entering a float in the Student Float category, Redwood Christian Schools was represented by the Redwood Christian Middle School and High School Marching Band in the 2017 Rowell Ranch Rodeo Parade on May 13, 2017.   Our entry coordinator was Miss Kristine Humphreys, who teaches on our Middle School and High School campus.  The theme of the parade was “Local Heroes, Service Above Self” and Redwood Christian Schools’ parade entry was awarded second place and our marching band finished third behind Castro Valley High School’s Trojan Marching Band and The Pride of Hayward High School.  Mr. Mark Cagle directed our marching band playing “Semper Fidelis March”, and they did a tremendous job!
Our first Marching Band was comprised of two tenth graders, two ninth graders, three eighth graders, four seventh graders and nine sixth graders!  Band members were: Sophomores Gabriel Francis (Gabe) Salonga and Hanwoong (Max) Wang; Freshmen Andy Kernycky and Sophia Nicholas; Eighth Graders David Joseph (JD) Lansangan, Da Yeon (Amy) Leon and Jezriel Francis Salonga; Seventh Graders Tristan Flores, Ethan King, Benjamin Nunley and Malachi Warneke; and Sixth Graders Dafne Carmo, John Hannah, Josiah Kary, Theophilus Lau, Malachi Matangelo, Andrew Nilya, Brian Nilya, Omar Staples Jr. and Prince Tucker.


 Check out photos from the Parade Here!

Rowell Ranch Rodeo Parade 2017 Art and Essay Contest Results
In the Rowell Ranch Rodeo Parade Art and Essay Contest, Redwood Christian School students won twelve of the twelve first and second place awards, and seven of eleven Honorable Mentions.  Redwood Christian Elementary School’s principal Dale Huemoeller was very proud of his students and their teachers stating “We are always honored to have the opportunity to participate in the Rowell Ranch Rodeo Parade Art and Essay Contest. I am extremely proud of the work our students continue to produce using the creativity with which God has blessed them. Our classroom and art teachers also love that their instructional efforts are showing such tremendous results through their students’ work.”
All of the following students in both the Essay Contest and Art Contest are students at Redwood Christian Elementary School.


Essay Winners
Kindergarten & 1st grade:
1st Place:     Lily Yung             1st Grade
2nd Place:    Elijah Warner    1st Grade


2nd & 3rd Grade:
1st Place:     Caleb Homer                      3rd Grade
2nd Place:    Amayah Brinkley                 2nd Grade
Honorable Mention:  MacKenzie Victor  2nd Grade
Honorable Mention: Andrew Fajardo      2nd Grade


4th & 5th Grade:
1st Place:    Isaac Baumann                  4th Grade
2nd Place:   Riley Ramirez                     4th Grade
Honorable Mention:  Matthew Chock    4th Grade


Art Winners
Kindergarten & 1st Grade:
1st Place:   Abigail Valle                     1st Grade
2nd Place:   Nick Bronken                 1st Grade
Honorable Mention:  Jordin Bracey  1st Grade


2nd & 3rd Grade:
1st Place:     Carter Strange                           2nd Grade
2nd Place:   Laz Jones                                   2nd Grade
Honorable Mention:     Collin Mantangela   2nd Grade
Honorable Mention:     Christabel Francis   3rd Grade


4th & 5th Grade:
1st Place:   Matthew Chock                            4th Grade
2nd Place:     Christian Chan                         5th Grade
Honorable Mention:     Jessica C Woods    4th Grade
Honorable Mention:     Heidi Chen               5th Grade


Redwood Christian Schools is so blessed by tremendous students who have gifted teachers both in our academic classroom and in our fine arts department.

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