RCE Disaster Preparedness Drill Planned for Thursday 10/26

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Every year, the Redwood Christian Elementary campus holds a Disaster Preparedness Drill on campus.  This year, students will receive training for an emergency situation on Thursday, October 26.  While we hope that an unexpected and devastating disaster, such as a major earthquake, will not happen in our area, we are committed to preparing and protecting our students just in case.

“Safety First” is the theme of our drill next Thursday.  Students will learn how to evacuate the campus, where to gather and report, and even how to set up tents during the drill.  In addition, Mr. Huemoeller and teachers will demonstrate that staying calm and moving quickly and orderly are the keys to staying safe in an emergency.

Teachers, staff, coaches, and administrators are trained regularly to respond in various emergency situations including evacuation protocols.  Everyone in charge of students must be certified in CPR and First Aid.  In addition, both the elementary and the middle school and high school campuses perform fire drills and practice these procedures monthly.  If you have any further questions about how RCS promotes safety, feel free to contact the district office at 510-889-7526.

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