Navajo Night Out Missions Trip Gala and Talent Show

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More than ​250 were in attendance on Friday night, November 3, 2017, to support our Navajo Missions Team and help finance their return to the Navajo Nations in Spring 2018.  The team served dinner and provided a ​talent show.

Great food was served, including Navajo-style tacos, which were a tremendous hit.

The talent show featured ​10 acts composed of members of our Missions Team and ​other RCS students​.

The Top Winners were decided by how much money that was contributed in support of the act right after the Talent Show: First Place – ​Julia Fresquez ($914), who ​performed a tap dance solo; Second Place – ​Adam Phillips and Jackson Goodell ($​500); and Third Place – ​Kelly Tang, Lauren Tang, Emma Neal, Maddie Shasky, and Xeriz Barcarse ($​430​).

Oversight for entire event was the responsibility of ​the high school’s Christian Ministry Team.

The Food/Cooking/Serving team consisted of ​Maddie Shasky, Kelly Tang, Allison Fontillas, Lita Bruno, and their parents. ​Special thanks to parents Rae Shasky and Gio Bruno for being our “head chefs”!

The Decoration/Setup team consisted of ​Emma Neal, Cassie Matangelo, Brianna Faye De La Cuesta, Meghan Geer, Jackson Goodell, Joseph Carlton, Isaac Hague, Jessica Brock, Kimberly Najarian, and Emma Najarian.

The Talent Show team was made up of ​Katherine Geronimo, John Daniel Ducusin, Julia Fresquez, Alex Williams, and Brandon Martinez.

And the ​Hosts for the evening were ​Alex Williams and Brandon Martinez.

Participating in the Talent Show were Christian Ministry team members ​Jessica Brock, JD Ducusin, Julia Fresquez, Meghan Geer, Katherine Geronimo, Jackson Goodell, Cassie Matangelo, Emma Neal, Adam Phillips, Maddie Shasky, and Kelly Tang.

​Christian Ministry​ teacher, Mr. Hinton,​ praised the Mission Team’s efforts by stating, “​The team did an incredible job in planning and preparing for the event.​ The Lord was so good to us in bringing in such a large number of people​ this year! We are excited to see how the Lord continues to use these students as he provides for our trip to the Navajo Nation!”

The Missions Team will be traveling to the Navajo Nation in ​New Mexico and Arizona from ​March 15-24, 2018​. ​The ​team ​advisors who will accompany the students are ​Mr. Greg Hinton, Mr. Evan Barnhart and Mrs. Louise Magee.


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