Military Nuclear Engineer Inspires First Grade Students

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RCE 1st grade classes (1M and 1O) continued their monthly “Serving God Through Our Career” in-house field trips in the RCE library last Monday.  For November, Mr. Stan Olsen, a Military Nuclear Engineer, spoke to the classes.  Mr. Olsen is the great uncle of Michael Roe (1st grade) and the child of the Gordillo family (that volunteers weekly at RCE in the library, 1st grade classrooms, and in Mr. Voogd’s classroom).

Mr. Olsen shared with our first graders what he did to serve God and his country.  The children enjoyed pictures of his ship which reflected one of his tours of duty in which he traveled around the world bringing aid to countries who sustained disasters or needed protection.  Mr. Olsen also shared his uniform and medals which were a big hit to the children.  Two core values of RCS are to establish Christian truth as a guide for life and to develop a spirit of patriotism.  Mr. Olsen shared vivid examples of both of these in his own life and career.

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