Meet the 2018 Homecoming Court

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The RCHS Homecoming Court is nominated and selected by anonymous vote by their classmates.  While the princesses and princes are selected by their current grade level class, the senior king and queen are selected by majority vote by the entire school.  The homecoming court are chosen as unique representatives for their class.  Each has a unique Christian testimony and are seen as leaders of his or her class.  Additionally, four of the eight nominees have attended RCS since Kindergarten. Members of the 2018 homecoming court were honored between the varsity girls and boys homecoming basketball games by Masters of Ceremony Superintendent Al Hearne and High School Principal Ben Warner.  Family, friends, and honored guests were also a part of the courtside ceremony.

  Freshman Princess – Sarah Lee

Just a freshman, Sarah is already very involved in high school activities.  She competed on the Varsity Tennis team and serves on both her class council and in the Interact Club.  She is also involved at her church, North Baptist Church, where she helps to raise funds for church projects.  She chose to be escorted in the Homecoming ceremony by Superintendent Emeritus Johnson because her father was out of the country. Sarah’s parents say that the core values of RCS have helped her become who she is today.  Sarah shares that the freshman class is awesome because the students already have great unity and strong leadership, and the class feels like family.  She is honored that her classmates could see the God-given characteristics in her and that she has this opportunity to represent them and God too.

Sophomore Princess – Lauren Tang

Lauren shares with us that the sophomore class is goofy and jokes around, but when it comes time, they tend to unite and “get stuff done.”   She shares that it is a big honor to represent her class as sophomore princess because there are so many strong leaders in her class and she is thankful for her friends.   Lauren’s family were all present to support and celebrate her being honored, including (left to right) her dad, cousin Haley, sister Kelly, mom, grandmother, grandfather, and brother Jacob.

  Junior Princess – Emma Najarian

Emma attends Creekside Community Church where she leads worship for preschool and elementary students.  She has also shared her musical talent by participating in high school band since she first attended RCS (in 9th grade).  She shares that when she started her freshman year, all the teachers were really nice and welcoming and helped her adjust to the school right away.  She also shares that the Junior class is really all one big family, and everyone gets along really well.  This unity showed during Spirit Week, especially when the Juniors won major points for having the best hallway decorations!  Emma also competes on the Varsity Soccer team and participates in the Interact and Photography Clubs.  Her father, David, escorted her in the Homecoming Ceremony.

Senior Prince – Adam Phillips

There is no question, Adam is driven.  Adam is the youngest of three siblings (Vanessa, class of ’09, Gavin, ’12, & Deanna, ’15) and his mom currently teaches Spanish.  His father is Pastor Rod Phillips of Gateway Bible Church where Adam serves as part of the set-up crew and as an usher & a greeter.  He also plays drums in the church’s worship band. At RCHS, Adam has participated on the Varsity Soccer and Basketball teams, on Class Council, Chapel Band, and the Christian Ministry Team.  Adam credits the Senior Class for being the most athletic class and appreciates the diversity, especially his close friendships.

  Senior Prince – Joshua Gella

Anyone will tell you that Joshua (Josh) is fun to be around.  His strength and leadership is inspired by Philippians 4:13 ESV, “I can do all things through him who strengthen me.”  He has had a diverse experience at RCHS, including competing on the Varsity Basketball team, serving on class council, and participating in both choir and the Interact Club. His favorite class is U.S. History with Mr. Barnhart.  He aspires to study advertising and marketing at San Jose State University in the fall.

Senior Princess – Ify Nwebube

Ifyeyinwa (Ify) shares that the Senior Class is really diverse culturally.  Students in the senior class also truly get to know others by investing in them and spending time together.  She appreciates that everyone is really inclusive.  Ify is an excellent student and dedicated leader, competing on the Varsity Basketball and Varsity Volleyball teams, and serving on class council all for four years.   Her favorite class is AP Calculus with Mrs. Clausen and aspires to study biological science in college to later become a pediatrician.  Her friends describe Ify as the perfect example of a student-athlete at RCHS.

  Senior Princess – Allison Lam

Allison was escorted by her father, Stephen Lam, in the Homecoming Ceremony.  She shares that it is “cool to know people look up to me.” She also shares that the senior class has endless inside jokes and that they are like family.  Most of the senior class has been together since middle school, many since elementary at RCS.  This family atmosphere also includes teachers who “actually care” about her personally.  Allison recognizes she pushes limits and looks to do this in a pre-med program after she travels the world.  She already shares her leadership skills at RCHS competing in Varsity Volleyball for four years and serving as both the Interact club treasurer for two years and on student council for four years.

Senior King – Alex Williams

Classmates share that Alex has a natural ability to make people feel included.  He makes a significant effort to interact and connect one on one with both classmates and underclassmen, especially on both the basketball and baseball teams.  He recognized the opportunity to not only enjoy senior year to the fullest, but also the opportunity to leave a legacy.  He admits that when it comes to his class alone, they “butt heads a lot,” but when they put their mind to it, they can unify as a group stronger than anyone else.   His favorite thing about RCHS?  “That it is a family.  People care about your life outside of the typical ‘How are you doing?’ from teachers to administrators, to middle schoolers.  Some people hate it, but I love it.”

  Senior Queen – Katherine Geronimo

Katherine (Klee) would like to teach music in the future, and has plenty of practice already serving in the children’s ministry at 3Crosses Church and in the RCHS worship band.  Above all else, classmates would say that Katherine has a servant’s heart.  She will put in hours of unnoticed work to make things great for the high school, including planning “the best homecoming banquet ever!” She strives to get everyone involved and to feel special.  She credits teachers for both influencing and shaping her character and training her in the skills which God has blessed her, including leadership.  She likes that RCHS is the perfect-size school – not too small, but small enough that students have the chance to be involved in everything from all different types of classes, athletics, clubs, and service opportunities.  She especially appreciates her class and the unity she experiences.  “There are so many different backgrounds but our different perspectives come together and create strong unity.”

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