Matt Roberts, class of ’09, to Speak at MSHS Impact Week

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Alumnus Matt Roberts, RCHS class of 2009, will be the speaker at the Middle School and High School Impact Week starting September 18.  Impact “Week” is three days (Monday through Wednesday) with the purpose of focusing specifically on spiritual growth in the lives of middle and high school students.  We interviewed Matt about this upcoming event.

Tell us about yourself since you graduated from RCS:

I have continued to be on worship teams since helping lead worship at RCHS.  I earned a Bachelor of Science in Pastoral Studies from Simpson University and I have been officially on staff at Cornerstone Fellowship (Hayward) since 2013. I married my wife, Tiffany, in 2014 and we have one daughter, Abigail.

How did your education at Redwood Christian Schools help prepare you for your calling as a worship leader?

The opportunities that I was given at RCS and the leadership of teachers and staff both directed me and opened my eyes to so much more than I could envision.  There is so much more you can do with your life than to live to please others.  My job is 35% music and the rest is connecting with people.  RCS teachers encouraged me to focus on the gifts that I have during times in my life that were confusing and they instilled the confidence in me to be who I am now.

What is the topic of Impact Week?

The topic is how to have a lifestyle of worship.  However, you cannot live a life of worship if you do not know who your Heavenly Father is.  Each day we will develop this idea. On Monday, we will talk about Jesus and His undeniable love for each and every one of us. Tuesday will be about finding our identity in Jesus despite the chaos of the world and who the world would tell us to be. Wednesday is about choosing Him and His lifestyle, and, therefore, living a life of worship.

If there is only one thing you want students to walk away with after Impact Week, what would it be?

I want students to know how loved they really are.

If they know how loved they really are, they will really start seeking who they are in Christ.  Once we know how loved we are and who we are, that’s what leads us to action in the next step of our individual faith (whether that is to meet Jesus for the first time, instilling a new discipline, stepping towards something God is calling us to do, etc.).  My hope is for students to seek what’s next in their personal faith journey.

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