KB Lends a Hand

Mrs. Bicker’s Kindergarten class collected mittens and gloves that elementary students brought in for donation to help people in the cold this winter.  The students also shared ways and places where they could be “Good Samaritans” in their everyday lives:

  1. Abigail – I am happy because I have food to eat.
  2. Anna – The girl is giving a flower to her friend.
  3. Arabella – Helping someone when they fell.
  4. Brady – Someone fell in our KB classroom and I’m helping him get up.
  5. Brooklyn – While we are hunting for Easter eggs I am not bothering my Mommy or sister.
  6. David – I helped my brother up after he tripped.
  7. Dhruv – My family is sad because we don’t have food or house – I am helping them find a house.
  8. Dylan – My Mommy is sad and I help her by giving her a hug.
  9. Ethan G. – Another person is building a tower and I am helping it not fall over.
  10. Ethan M. – I am helping Mom shower the dog.
  11. John Henry – Someone has a broken leg and I am letting him sit in my chair.
  12. Jude – I am putting a band-aid on someone’s arm because they got hurt.
  13. Kate – I am helping Mommy with the towels.
  14. Lucas – I am helping Mommy to make cupcakes.
  15. Madison – I am helping someone get out of the puddle.
  16. Makayla – My dad got hurt outside and I’m helping him by getting a Band-Aid.
  17. Masyn – I am helping my neighbor Sal carry groceries.
  18. Nick – Helping someone I don’t know in the rain with an umbrella.
  19. Noah – Someone stepped on a toy car and I am giving him a Band-Aid.
  20. Reagan – I am letting my sister Payton carry the lighter bottle.
  21. Shailoh – I am giving a toy to a girlfriend.
  22. Shealynn – Gary stepped on a tiara and has blood on his foot.  So I gave him a band aide from my Good Samaritan pack.
  23. Timmy – I am playing football.