Heatwave at RCS

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Students, faculty, and staff at all campuses are gearing up for a hot end to the week. Temperatures are projected to reach an unusually sweltering 104 degrees in Castro Valley and 97 degrees in San Lorenzo.

Mr. Lapum stays cool under the shade with sunglasses and a hat!

Teachers and coaches, especially, are taking precautions for outdoors activities to ensure the safety of students and athletes. At the elementary campus, P.E. classes will resume, but are being held indoors. Games will be played in the South Campus gymnasium. Likewise, indoor recess will be an option for elementary students. At the MSHS campus, P.E. activities will be reduced to shady areas on campus and the weight room. Mr. Sanchez, MSHS P.E. teacher, reports that his students will work on small-movement fundamental skills such as how to swing a baseball bat.

Athletes are also being protected from the heat as competitive events have the most risk for sunburn, heat exhaustion, or even heat stroke. The Varsity Soccer home game was rescheduled from 4:00 pm, when temperatures are projected to be at the highest, to 5:30 pm. Administration will provide pop-up tents, plenty of water, and medical supplies, if needed, for the event.

The school encourages families to dress in RCS dress code-appropriate light clothing. Shorts and tee shirts allow students to be comfortable for school activities and protected from the heat at the same time. As the three-day weekend draws near, many outdoor festivals and activities are popular for RCS families. RCS further encourages families to be prepared for the heat when attending such events by using sunblock, staying hydrated, and using shade apparatuses as much as possible. In short, be safe while waiting for cooler temperatures to return!

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