Colonial Day in 5th Grade

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Fifth-graders got to travel back in time on Friday as part of “Colonial Day,” a special event that culminates the end of a social studies unit focusing on early U.S. history.  Mrs. Francis, Mrs. Neal, and Mrs. Wilson’s 5th grade classes all participated.

The February 9th event had students spend the day participating in colonial activities while dressed in period costumes.  For math, students practiced long division on chalkboards. For spelling, students stood and recited the spelling of a word while the rest of the group made hand puppets from cloth and string.  Other activities included feasting on Johnnycakes with homemade strawberry jam and butter, and reading stories.  There were no desks in colonial days, so only chairs were set up in two groups when a teacher addressed the whole class – one side was for the boys, the other for the girls.

Students learned about the colonial period from December through January and got to participate in a simulation activity where they “traveled” from England, chose land in America to settle, and started a colony.  They will participate in similar simulation activities in the coming weeks as they learn about the American Revolution.

When asked about the most interesting difference of children living in colonial times and today, students shared:

“Kids could not speak unless an adult spoke to them.” – Adam

“They had to work really hard.” – Cielo

“When men went to war, the women had to run the entire farm.” – Sophia

“The way they dressed!” – Kristine

“Boys and girls had to sit on opposite sides of the room.” – Jerryann

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