Introducing the RCS Director of Spiritual Life, Mr. Stirling

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What attracted you to serve at Redwood Christian Schools (RCS)?

This is my second time to be hired by Redwood as a full-time teacher.  As was true the first time, Redwood is like family to me. Teaching at Redwood is like being at home.  In addition, I am truly enthusiastic about the trajectory of the school as it is truly committed to training students to missionally engage with their world by the gospel of Jesus Christ in whatever vocation the Lord gives them.

Tell us about your family and how they are looking forward to this new opportunity.

My wife Karen and I met at Redwood over 30 years ago. We were married in 1993 and have 6 children, 3 of which will be students at Redwood this year. We have lived overseas and have just returned to the U.S. to be geographically near to our children as, one by one, they transition into adulthood.  Karen, also a graduate and former RCS teacher, is looking forward to being in the classroom as a substitute teacher, and our three youngest anticipate meeting new friends as well as participating in activities such as band and athletics.

What are your hobbies and interests outside of teaching?

When I am not busy dreaming of how to apply ESLRs to my unit plans, one might find me near a lake or stream angling for a variety of trout while backpacking in the Sierra Nevada mountains.  I also enjoy playing and coaching basketball, landscaping, and driving the cart for Mr. Bakker as he golfs.

How did God call you into teaching (originally), and what are your professional credentials?

God burdened me while at Moody Bible Institute to go to nations where the gospel had little to no presence.  After college, while in such a country, I had the opportunity to lead a few young men through a study of Scripture, starting with Genesis and culminating at Christ’s death and resurrection.  During this experience I knew this was God’s intended vocation for me. After this I taught at Redwood for five years as a P.E. and Bible teacher at the MSHS. While living overseas, I taught university conversational English and later 3rd grade at an international academy.

I have a BA in Bible Theology from Moody Bible Institute.

What have been your experiences in education/Christian education prior to this year?

Redwood Christian MSHS: Bible & PE teacher

YanBian University: English Teacher

YanBian International Academy: 3rd grade homeroom teacher, 11-12th grade U.S. History, 12th grade Bible (Apologetics)

Why do you think a Christian education is important for families to consider?

God commands parents to teach their children His Word all the time and in every possible way.  He repeats time and again through His Word to pass on to the next generation His Word to the extent that even the next generation yet to be born may come to fear the Lord.  Secondly, and undergirding that, is that the basis for all truth is God, the First and Final Authority. Without Him there is no basis for truth. To think and educate Christianly means to see the foundation and end goal of every field of study as being the glorious person of God.

We know it’s early, but what do you love the most about RCS so far?

I get to share a room with my twin, Mr. McDaniel.  While I highly enjoy and respect Mr. McDaniel, what I really love about Redwood is getting to direct students in any subject, whether it is my Bible class or when covering an art or P.E. class, to their Creator and Savior, Jesus Christ.

How do you hope to make a difference in the lives of RCS students?

I hope to lead them, both by my life and doctrine, to love God’s Word and walk intimately with Jesus Christ.

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