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Anyone willing to clean out your closet?

The RCHS Interact Club is partnering with and alumnus Chad Furlong in an initiative to raise money for a building project in Punta Colonet, Mexico.  The story? In 2008, Nataly was born. The Furlongs became her foster parents and approximately two years later they finalized her adoption. It was an open adoption and her biological family lives in Punta Colonet, in Baja California, Mexico.  Over the years, the Furlongs became family and friends with Nataly’s biological family.

In 2013, Nataly’s biological grandma gave Chad her land inheritance and asked that he “do something good with it.”  After at first considering an orphanage, they decided that the community would be better served with a free daycare so that families could have the means to offer care to their children while going off to make a living each day.

This is a very poor community of migrant workers.  Often children are left unattended while parents earn a living. The goals of the project are to:

  • Build a free daycare facility for single moms.
  • Provide classes for parents empowering them for raising healthy children and teaching a permaculture model.
  • Utilize facility for Friday-night youth events.
  • Provide for needs of families engaged in day care (houses, school expenses, etc.).
  • Launch an internship program in Colonet.
  • Launch after-school programs.
  • Launch camps.

Savers Thrift Superstore in Dublin has agreed to support the project by paying for donated clothing (by the pound) toward the building of the building project in Punta Colonet, Mexico.  Other items, no bigger than a coffee maker, are also appreciated.

Can you help our Interact Club, and ultimately the Punta Colonet Building Project, by donating 1, 5, 10, or any number of 13-gallon (or bigger) sized bags?  Interested in involving your church, cub scouts, or sports team? All would be welcome to participate! You can drop off bags of clothing at the MSHS campus main hallway where bins are located outside the main office or at either the Elementary campus office or the District Office.  The last day to donate is Thursday, March 9th.

If you are too far from the Bay Area to participate but would still like to offer monetary support, click here.

Or, to read more about the project, click here.

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