Alumni Update – Class of 2002 – Aug 2007

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A note from Leah (Thornton) Pero…

Hi All,

This is my first time checking the alumni webpage and it was fun reading about what some of you have been up too. I recently saw some Redwood Alumni at Able’s 80’s party/condo warming bash! I heard I won best costume and am still waiting for the prize! (ABE) I’m married, got an adorable kid, and going to teach 2 periods of PE at Encinal High School and be the assistant coach for the Boys Varsity Basketball team. Should be quite interesting. I am thinking about planning our 5 year reunion since I haven’t heard of anything in the works. My grams has a huge house in Pine Grove about 40 minutes from Kirkwood Ski resort. So maybe a weekend in like Oct. or something. I’ll keep everyone posted…

Take Care, Love Leah

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