Alumni Trio to Speak at MSHS Spring Impact Week

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Impact Week Girls Speaker: Kristina (Bakker) VandenHeuval

Kristina (Bakker) VandenHeuval, c/o ‘90

Since graduating from RCS in 1990, my life has been filled with highs and lows, great experiences and tough ones, and through it all, God has blessed me with a wonderful family, a career that I love, and many opportunities to serve Him. My education at Redwood Christian was foundational in academically preparing me to successfully finish college, earn my teaching credential and move into a career of teaching. Even more than that, Redwood Christian, through the dedicated teachers, coaches, administrators, and students, helped prepare me for a life faithfully serving Jesus. I was taught what it looks like to have godly character and integrity. I learned that God is trustworthy, loving and kind. A life surrendered to Jesus is the best life!

I would love the students to walk away knowing that God sees them, He loves them, and He is FOR them. He has purposes for each one that He will faithfully work out. He is writing their life’s story that is unique, personal, and more amazing than they can imagine – all for His glory.

Impact Week Speakers: Karen (Bakker) Stirling (Girls) and Alan Stirling (Boys)

Karen (Bakker) Stirling c/o ‘88 and Alan Stirling c/o ‘86

Redwood prepared us by providing godly role models to inspire us and pattern our lives after. These men and women who taught us from a Biblical worldview in the classroom and who lived out Biblical truth in godly lives outside of the classroom not only taught us God’s truth by which we should live, but also demonstrated how to live that truth out day by day.

Redwood supplied us with a solid foundation in the Word of God. The broad overview of the entirety of Scripture coupled with specific training in foundational doctrines prepared us with a strong working knowledge of God’s Word. And it has been God’s Word that has enabled us to live in some difficult circumstances and provided us with the gospel message that people around the globe most desperately need.

Topic for Impact Week:

The topic of Impact Week is: “God has given you one life. What will your story be?”  During these three days together we will tell our stories. We will be challenging the students to consider their lives right now. It is our prayer that through the gospel and our own personal testimonies in light of that gospel, our students will see that life in and with Jesus is a life of eternal joy without regret.

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