International Student Behavioral Expectations

Redwood Christian Schools is committed to providing a safe, secure, loving environment for all of our students. This can best be done when all involved are committed to the same guidelines.
Redwood Christian Schools International Student Program (I-20 Program) is open to students from around the world whose countries may not have the same legal and cultural guidelines that are expected of all students.

Redwood Christian Schools is not a school for adults, regardless of the age of the student. We are a school for students who, regardless of their age, are willing to follow all of the guidelines that other students follow. All students are held to the same standards of conduct, regardless of whether or not they are international (I-20) students or American-born students. Because of the number of documents involved in the application process, this form is a collection of topics that could be confusing or overlooked elsewhere, so they have been brought together to ensure understanding by everyone involved.

International student applicants, their parents and guardians in the US should read the following and ask for clarification prior to signing. Signatures are required by the student, his/her parents and US guardian prior to attending classes or within ten days if already attending Redwood Christian Schools.

Many of the following topics are duplications from elsewhere in the student application. Please read the following very carefully and initial as indicated below. The statements are written for the student, his/her family and US guardian.

  • I understand that Redwood Christian Schools is granting me special permission to attend their school as long as I abide by certain expectations. NO FEES OR TUITION WILL BE REFUNDED FOR THE ENTIRE SCHOOL YEAR IF I AM DISMISSED or WITHDRAW FROM SCHOOL. No refunds of fees or tuition will be granted on request by the student or their parent/guardian/agent. Tuition refunds only with visa denial two times. Verification required.
  • I understand that special consideration is being given to me to attend or to continue to attend Redwood Christian Schools. Attendance at Redwood Christian Schools is a privilege.
  • I understand that regardless of my age, I must obey all the rules of a minor (under 18).
  • I understand that I am to live at the address listed on the I-20 for the entire time I attend Redwood Christian Schools unless a move is approved and documented by the school.
  • I understand that I may not live alone, that I must live with a host family, and there must be an adult over the age of thirty-five in the home.
  • I agree to voluntarily submit to the authority of my host family and voluntarily be involved in the activities of the family, including attending church, if requested, having meals together and spending time with the family, as requested, so that I can improve my English and learn more about the American family.
  • I understand that drinking alcohol, using drugs illegally, and sexual immorality are grounds for immediate dismissal from this school. Moral misconduct, includes, but is not limited to, promiscuity, homosexual behavior or any other violation of the unique roles of male and female. (Rom. 1:21-27; I Cor. 6:9-20). Redwood Christian Schools believes that biblical marriage is limited to a covenant relationship between a man and a woman.
  • I will be a good example in behavior and in speech.
  • I understand that if I have a bad attitude toward any teacher, class, or the school, I will be asked to leave with no recourse.
  • I will not smoke.
  • I will obey the dress code.
  • I will attend class (unless sick or excused), listen, participate, and do my own homework, and turn it in at the required time.
  • I will produce my own academic work and not to copy the work of anyone else.
  • I will be on time to school and my classes, and participate in school activities such as class activities and other student activities, such as class and school-wide socials.
  • I understand that I must be respectful during the pledge, prayer, Bible class, etc.
  • I understand that I must attend chapel each week and be respectful.
  • I understand that I may not drive unless I have a California Driver’s License, insurance and written permission on file at the School from both my parents and host family.
  • I understand that I may not go on unchaperoned overnight trips (a chaperone is an adult who is more than thirty-five years of age and has been approved by student’s guardian).
  • I understand that I must take a full load schedule of classes to remain in SEVP status.
  • I understand that I must arrange my travel to NOT miss school when it is in session. I will NOT leave early for vacations, and I will return from any vacations before the first day school reconvenes. I will also be present for all end-of-school activities, including, if a senior, graduation.
  • I understand that my tuition is due in full for the year prior to beginning school and that tuition is non-refundable. No tuition refunds will be granted on request by the student or their parent/guardian/agent. Refunds only with visa denial two (2) times. Verification is required.
  • I understand that attending Redwood Christian Schools is a privilege, and I agree to obey all the rules and be a good example to the other International Students.