Redwood Christian Schools Homeschool Program

Redwood Christian Schools has been working with home-schooling families in the greater Bay Area for several years. Our purpose is to partner with homeschooling families to assist them in attaining their educational goals. RCS is accredited by ACSI (Associated Christian Schools International) and WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges).

RCS partners with families in many ways: we provide PSP services (Private Satellite Program), maintaining all records, offering assistance in choosing curriculum, and offering a “sounding board” for those who have questions regarding educating their children. Homeschool families may participate in many on-campus activities such as Chapel, Library, picture day, special assemblies, SAT, PSAT, other standardized  testing, vision screening, and much more. Families may also choose to attend some classes on campus with the day-school students. Families can “mix-and-match” what we offer in whatever way best meets their needs. See the “Information” section below to find out more!



Redwood Christian Schools Homeschool Program has been established to partner with families who have accepted the challenge of providing a Christ-centered home education for their children. The Private Satellite Program provides support, assistance, guidance, encouragement and accountability to these families.
Homeschooling is one way to meet the biblical mandate to train up children. It takes into account the gifting of the parent-teacher, the lifestyle of the family, and the needs of the individual student.
To help parents realize their Christian educational goals within their homes, RCS will provide the parent-teacher and the individual student with as many services and opportunities as possible to aid in the fulfillment of the biblical mandate of training a child with a solid Christian education.


Homeschool FAQ

What is the Private Satellite Program structure?

Superintendent - Responsible to oversee functions of Redwood Christian Schools including the Homeschool Program. The Homeschool Director reports to the Superintendent.

Middle School / High School Administrator - Responsible for final approval of Homeschool curriculum, course of study, grades, and meeting graduation requirements for 6th-12th grade PSP students.

Homeschool Director - Oversees the functions of the Homeschool Program and assists Homeschool families enrolled in the Private Satellite Program.

  • Your 1st point of contact.
  • Collects your paperwork, recording it and maintaining your child's cumulative file.
  • Works closely with each student and parent-teacher to reach desired educational goals.
  • Oversees the middle school/high school student's progression towards graduation.
  • Meets with each 6th-12th grade student and parent-teacher 8 times per year to assess completed work and collaborate with the parent-teacher on quarterly and semester grades.
  • Provides advice, counseling, direction, support and accountability. The parent-teacher may be referred to a campus teacher or resource person for assistance with instructional or curricular issues.
  • Helps the parent-teacher stay accountable by requiring a written course of study, and submission of quarterly attendance and grades.
  • Keeps the parent-teacher informed about state health and immunization requirements for students.
Will my student receive a diploma from RCS?

The student in the PSP is legally enrolled in Redwood Christian Schools. RCS keeps an official cumulative record for the student. High school transcripts will be provided for employers and colleges for a nominal fee. PSP students may participate in 8th or 12th grade graduation ceremonies and receive an RCS diploma when all of the criteria are met.

Can my student attend on-campus classes or events?

The student (with certain restrictions) is eligible to participate in extra-curricular activities sponsored by the school. These activities include, but are not necessarily limited to:

  • participation in after school team sports
  • participation in drama and musical productions
  • participation in Picture Day
  • attendance at sporting, drama, homecoming and other school-sponsored events such as assemblies, chapel, spiritual emphasis week, clubs, retreats, and parties
  • participation in field trips at the discretion of the campus teacher and the Homeschool Director
  • access to the school's library through arrangement with the campus librarian
  • opportunity to take classes on campus for a fee, not to exceed half time status
  • participation in 8th or 12th grade graduation ceremonies
What resources are available for homeschool families?
  • College counseling for entrance requirements, financial aid, career placement and scholarship information are available.
  • Parent-teachers will have access to the school's scope and sequence for instruction (unit plans for grades K-12), including weekly lesson plans (grades K-5 only).
  • Academic counseling is available for curriculum selection (selection and implementation is the responsibility of the parent-teacher).
  • The school's adopted textbooks may be rented, if available.
  • The student may participate in the annual school-wide standardized testing that provides the parent-teacher with valuable information about their student's achievement in comparison with national and local norms.
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