Guatemala Missions Team 2010

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Why were you born for this moment in history?

Days 1-4: March 25-28, 2010

First Briefing:

We serve an amazing God!!! We have been here in Guatemala since March 25 and having computer problems (we are in a third world country and I was just about ready to give up). First, my laptop would not boot (and I eventually fixed the problem by booting into safe mode and doing a system restore point way back in 2008). Once that problem was fixed then I couldn’t get it online. I was about to give up on internet access and then decided to pray tonight (march 28) … and then my laptop connected to the internet. I find it amazing how often God answers our prayers when we are doing HIS will (more on this later). Now, here I am at 9:30 pm and able to provide our first team update. Because Mr. Warner has given me a 10:00 pm bedtime this will have to be short and I won’t be able to upload any photos tonight.

We arrived safe and sound in Guatemala city on March 25, greeted by our ACSI Team Coordinator Bob Ledden. We settled into our housing compound and all got a good night’s sleep. Then on March 26 we were up early, had breakfast, an ACSI orientation, and then were off to Jose Gilberto Velasquez to meet the students and get everything ready for our VBS and construction project next week. After a heartwarming welcome assembly put on the by the students at Jose Gilberto and arrangements for the construction project we were off for an afternoon at the zoo. On Saturday, March 27, we travelled to Antigua for two days of sight-seeing and shopping. We spent the night at a hotel there and then went to church on March 28 at Iglesia Del Camino, a bilingual church led by a team of missionaries. Before leaving Antigua we were able to see on the Semana Santa processions!

Mr. Hearne reports – I have been struggling with back pain for the past couple of months, some days are better than others and I have just been telling myself to get used to it, that it’s a part of my life. When I woke up on Saturday morning I was pretty miserable. I told Mr. Warner that I would be moving slow and do my best but not to expect too much from me and asked his permission not to have to wear my backpack (ask one of the student missionaries about wearing their backpacks on their chest … ). At breakfast, Bob asked me why it looked as if I could barely move and I told him my back hurt. He said, “Well, let’s pray.” He knelt down, began to pray, and my back pain went away! I was able to move again and have been moving good since then. A simple prayer and our amazing God answered it. A simpel prayer and I am able to fulfill my responsibilities to the team.

Josh MacDonald reports – I have felt the power of God through the love the people and songs we have heard! Antigua was interesting as Mayan Catholic religion is a huge part of their celebrations and everyday life. I have seen so much that I can’t even explain and am so much more ready to see how God will use me in the rest of the week.

Alex Mattson reports – Guatemala has been AMAZING so far!!! We spent the past two days in Antique where I have witnessed the most interesting expression of Catholic faith. I’m so excited for the week to come and hope that it will be as good as the days I have spent here thus far.

Jon Ellis reports – Guatemala’s been great so far! We got a tour of a fantastic coffee plantation and today we marched our way thourgh a procession of purple-clad Guatemalans. Our ACSI director, Bob, has been great to us, as has our host, Telma (she makes amazing French toast). All in all, we’ve had fun so far and we’re all eager to get to work tomorrow on construction and VBS!

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