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Fine Arts

RCS is committed to offering education in fine arts including visual and performing arts. We believe the Fine Arts reflect the aesthetic nature of God and have the power to move the hearts of people to praise and worship the Creator. Students at Redwood Christian Schools are offered avenues for artistic exploration and expression through a variety of visual, musical and dramatic programs both curricular and co-curricular.

The Fine Arts Department at Redwood Christian Schools believes that arts are essential to helping students become active learners and critical and creative thinkers, two qualities necessary for a well-rounded education.The Fine Arts Department provides students with the opportunity to explore art, music, and drama, encouraging them to have a sense of confidence through accomplishments in this field. Students are challenged to become spiritually growing students by acknowledging a responsibility to use their God-given talents to serve God and others in the discipline of Fine Arts.

The Fine Arts at Redwood Christian Schools are geared to all age groups, from Transitional Kindergarten to 12th  grade. Our program combines theory with practical application and culminates in performances open to the RCS family and the general public.

Every student at RCS is given an opportunity to:

  • Cultivate an aesthetic awareness and develop a Christian viewpoint of the arts.
  • Discover the gifts that God has uniquely given.
  • Develop and refine those skills for vocational use, ministry or personal enjoyment.
  • Understand and appreciate the arts of the past and the present.

Please visit each section in the menu on the left for further details of courses offered in the Redwood Christian Fine Arts Department.