Explore RCS Middle School Parent Info

Monday, Janury 27, 2020, 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Redwood Chapel/RCE Campus


Middle School (6-8th) Students’ Role

All Middle School students are a part of the Middle School Science Fair.  Students in 7th & 8th grades will be displaying Science projects they have been working on, and the top projects will be recognized at 7:45 pm.  In addition, 6th grade students will interact with you as animated inventors.  As this is a professional demonstration, 7-8th students should be in “game-day dress,” and 6th students should be in their inventor costume.


Student Drop off: Redwood Chapel/RCE Campus

Students must arrive at 5:30 pm to set up their projects.  Be prepared for delays in the parking lot.  At 6:00 pm they will be led by teachers to join you in the Worship Center at 6:00 pm for the General Session & Intro. At 7:00 pm they will be dismissed from the Worship Center to go back to their stations in the gymnasium, and at 7:15 pm (or earlier, if possible) the doors will be open for families to Explore Middle School Science!


Student Pick up

Middle School students are dismissed after the Science Fair Awards announcement.  Students must take their projects home at this time as well.


What Should I Do?

Recommended Middle School Parent Schedule:

5:30 pm – Drop off student(s).  Pizza will be available for purchase or the lobby will be open to mingle until the event begins.

6:00 pm – Start in the Worship Center for an introduction and to pick up a lanyard (includes map and event schedule).  Dr. Hearne will also announce any schedule changes at this time.  Then, the Elementary, Middle School, and High School Essay Contest Winners will read their entries and be awarded!


At 7:00 pm Middle School and High School Families will be dismissed.
From 7:15 – 8:00 pm we recommend:

  • Explore the variety of science projects and see if you can guess the winners. Encourage our 6th graders who will be “in costume” and acting as their inventor.
  • Sneak out to peruse the Williams Chapel and Heritage Room to see what students have to look forward to in high school!
  • Be back in the gymnasium at 7:45 pm to hear the Science Fair winners announced!
  • Plan to make any (food/apparel) purchases or pick up water/coffee before 7:15 pm as 7:15 – 8:00 pm are the busiest times for Middle School families!


Final Note

RCS curriculum is aligned (TK through 12th), and you will see how a child’s development in middle school is the foundation for their success in high school!

Feel free to visit elementary classrooms as well!  Visit a former teacher or peek in to see our remodeled elementary classrooms!


Other Things Going on at Explore

  • Worship Center Lobby – The RCS Booster Club will be selling apparel and Crab Feed tickets (if still available), choir will be selling baked goods, and complimentary water and coffee will be served.
  • Walkway between the Worship Center and Heritage Room – pizza will be sold (all proceeds benefit the 4th Grade Sacramento trip).


Further Questions?

Don’t hesitate to talk to your classroom teacher with questions about #ExploreRCS!
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