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Redwood Christian Schools
TK-12 Academic Demonstration Night and Open House

6pm January 29th
19300 Redwood Road
Castro Valley


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Explore How an Elementary Education at RCS is the Foundation for Success in Middle School and High School 

high school boys display English project

Reading, Writing, and E.L.A.

RCE students are reading on average 1.5 years ahead of grade level, and RCHS students are writing at a college level! To see how RCS achieves this strong foundation come and see:

  • 2nd Graders present fairytales from different points of view. Whose story do you believe?
  • After writing an expository essay about an inventor, 6th Graders will converse with you in character to explain their impact on the world.
  • World History students demonstrate a range of understanding on how to think historically and whether history is one of prominent individuals or movements among groups.
  • Foreign Language classes will present live speeches 100% in Spanish or Mandarin.
  • High School students explain their literature analysis & interpretation skills in projects Epic Heroes in Literature, To Kill A Mockingbird, Scarlet Letter, & Washington Irving.
girl standing by engineering project

Explore Math

RCS students are taught that mathematics is an extraordinary language through which we can begin to understand the universe around us.  High School Math classes build on the foundational math skills taught in younger years to master complex proofs and applications.

  • Algebra Students use variable equations to create Desmos Art.
  • Algebra 2/Trig students describe functions and their efficacies.
  • Sciences will have displays and labs on everything from the Creation of Slime to the Conservation of Energy and the uses of various instruments.
boy pointing at project

Project and Inquiry-Based Learning

Another foundation of a RCS education is the 21st Century Learning skills gleaned from project and inquiry-based assignments.  See how our academics explain and model the world around us in these projects:

  • TK & Kindergarten ELA centers show even our youngest students learn through inquiry.
  • 4th graders present their Family Text Features posters.
  • Middle Schoolers model the scientific method applied to various experiments in the Science Fair.
  • Economics Students will pitch their businesses in a “Shark Tank” style display.
  • US History students will educate on World War 1 and the technological advancements that stemmed from that conflict.
girl clapping

Biblical Integration

Throughout all of RCS academics is a Christ-centered education which will equip students for daily living and eternal life.  Every class is taught through a Biblical Worldview.

  • 3rd graders spread awareness of God’s glory by sharing their newly created creatures.
  • Our 5th grade ELA program finds God in every story, in every genre, in every era, and in every galaxy. Come check out the evidence!
  • Bible students share learned strategies that help interpret and understand God’s Word.
  • History students explain how we can learn from the past to make a better future.