Tuition & Fees


RCS tuition covers academic services used by all students, including many fees commonly charged by other schools such as facilities, textbooks, lab fees, and technology fees (including iPads for 9-12th grade). Additional fees may be incurred for services such as athletics, fine arts, field trips, and social events. To request more information about RCS, click here

2020-21 Tuition Rates1

Annual Total Annual Plan 2
TK-5 $11,819 TK-5 $11,583
6-8 $13,239 6-8 $12,974
9-12 $14,229 9-12 $13,944
Semester Plan 3 Monthly Plan 4
TK-5 $5,910 TK-5 $985
6-8 $6,620 6-8 $1,103
9-12 $7,115 9-12 $1,186

Academic Assistance Program

Annual Total Annual Plan 2
6-8 $19,859 6-8 $19,462
9-12 $21,344 9-12 $20,917
Semester Plan 3
Monthly Plan 4
6-8 $9,930 6-8 $1,655
9-12 $10,672 9-12 $1,779

2021-22 Tuition Rates1

Annual Total Annual Plan 2
TK-5 $12,351 TK-5 $12,104
6-8 $13,835 6-8 $13,558
9-12 $14,869 9-12 $14,572
Semester Plan 3 Monthly Plan 4
TK-5 $6,176 TK-5 $1,029
6-8 $6,918 6-8 $1,153
9-12 $7,435 9-12 $1,239

Academic Assistance Program

Annual Total Annual Plan 2
6-8 $20,753 6-8 $20,338
9-12 $22,304 9-12 $21,858
Semester Plan 3
Monthly Plan 4
6-8 $10,377 6-8 $1,729
9-12 $11,152 9-12 $1859

1 All plans will be charged to the nearest cent.
2 The Annual Plan includes a 2% discount if paid in full by June.
3 Semester Plan payments are due in June and November.
4 The first Monthly Plan payment is due in June; final payment is due in May. For families enrolling after June, monthly payments will be spread out from the time of enrollment through May, possibly resulting in higher monthly payments.

Once enrolled, RCS families are guaranteed class placement from year to year until they "opt out."  For more information about our Continuous Enrollment Process, click here.


RCS has adopted a continuous enrollment system where students are continually enrolled from their initial admission until they graduate. Continuous Enrollment Payments (CEPs) are non-refundable. The deadline to opt-out of continuous enrollment for the 2021-22 school year is February 1, 2021.

Continuous Enrollment Payment
Per Student/Family Maximum $180/$375

Payment will be split over three due dates: February 22nd, March 15th, and April 5th.

If a family opts-out for the 2021-22 school year, then decides to re-enroll after February 1st, the CEP will increase by $50 per family.

Opt-out schedule for 2021-22:
February 5th-Last Day of School $100 per student
After Last Day-June 30th 1⁄12 Annual Tuition Due
July 1st-31st 2⁄12 Annual Tuition Due
August 1st-Day Before School 3⁄12 Annual Tuition Due


Note: There is no refund on any of the admission fees assuming Redwood has space for the applicant at the time of notification of acceptance or non-acceptance.

  • Application Fee: $175
  • Application Fee for International Students: $495

Until June 10, the application fee and half of one-month’s tuition (non-refundable) will hold a spot for the student. After June 10, a full-month’s tuition (non-refundable) holds the spot until July 10, when a second month’s payment is due. Only the first full month’s tuition is non-refundable if you withdraw before the first day of school (excepting International Students for all of the above).

  • All payment plans begins in June, or within 15 calendar days of notification of acceptance (whichever is later) and conclude in May of the following year.
  • A discount of 2% is allowed if full tuition is paid by June 10th.
  • The first-child rate refers to the oldest child, etc. Exception: An Academic Assistance Program student of any age is considered the first child.
  • Payment schedules are made through FACTS upon acceptance.
  • If the family leaves Redwood prior to the end of the school year, the payments are due and payable in accordance with the terms of the Tuition Payment Policies and Procedures. (Information available in all school offices.)

You will receive in refund only the following:

  1. 100% of the admission fee and any tuition paid if there is no space for your child at RCS. Otherwise, no portion of the Admission Fee is refundable.
  2. A move more than 25 miles farther from the school: any tuition paid if you withdraw prior to the first day of school.
  3. For immediate withdrawals after the start of the school year, a minimum of 3⁄12 of the annual tuition will be due if withdrawing on or before August 31st. Tuition will be prorated on a half-month increment basis after August 31st (based on a June through May contract period). Therefore, any withdrawal after August 31st will be responsible for 3/12 and the prorated balance of used education.
  4. Over-payment for EC and/or the bus shuttle. Redwood retains any fees required to register for these services.

Tuition and fees cover basic educational costs, such as salaries, administrative costs, building and equipment maintenance, utilities, classroom expenses and transportation. Parents are encouraged to give toward the General Fund, the Memorial Fund, the Tuition Aid Fund, the New Equipment Fund, and the Building Fund. Contributions to Redwood Christian Schools are tax-deductible and, with the exception of Jog-a-thon gifts, will be receipted.


Eagles Club is an additional service offered to RCS families.  Click here for more information


RCS offers morning and afternoon transportation from Castro Valley to the Middle School and High School campus in San Lorenzo.  Click here for more information


Redwood Christian Schools offers limited tuition assistance to families who meet certain economic criteria. For information and/or an application, please see our tuition discounts and grants page. We continue to praise God for the faithfulness of His people–for their collective support and sacrifice. We are committed to continue providing excellent Christ-centered education which will impact the boys and girls in our classrooms for the rest of their lives.