2017-18 Redwood Elementary School Supply List

Supply List Pages by Grade:

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TK | AAP 2nd/3rd | AAP 4th/5th

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Grade 4 Supplies

  1. Three (3)  2-pocket folders
  2. Three (3) marble composition notebooks
  3. Three (3) reams of wide-ruled binder paper
  4. One (1) three ring binder – 1″ wide or less – (Avoid big fancy binders with zippers, etc.)
  5. One set of eight (8) binder dividers (To be labeled as: Math, English, Spelling, Reading, Bible, Science, Social Studies, and Other)
  6. At least (12) #2 pencils (Ticonderoga recommended – they sharpen evenly and consistently unlike other brands)*
  7. Two (2) medium soft erasers*
  8. One (1) 12” ruler with inch, centimeter, and millimeter measurements (not flexible)*
  9. Two (2) pencil boxes
  10. Four (4) glue sticks*
  11. One (1) pair of scissors with blunt tips*
  12. Two (2) boxes of crayons
  13. Two (2) sets of colored pencils (box of 12-24)*
  14. Two (2) sets of skinny highlighters
  15. Eight to twelve (8-12) thin tip colored markers of various colors
  16. Two (2) packages of Post-It Notes (2 different colors)
  17. One (1) package of index cards with a single hole punch and a ring
  18. One (1) Clipboard
  19. Earbuds for use with iPads (to be kept at school)
  20. Backpack (you don’t need a giant one)*
  21. Lunch box*
  22. One (1) box of tissues
  23. Athletic shoes which provide strong lateral support, to be worn all day
  24. One (1) roll of paper towels
  25. One (1) pack of baby wipes

*Please label with your child’s name

Students will bring home their text books to cover in the first couple of weeks of school. Paper grocery bags (or thick wrapping paper) protect books best. Please do not purchase the book covers that stick to books – the labels say they won’t, but frequently this type ruins books by not being removable or leaving a sticky residue.