2017-18 Redwood Elementary School Supply List

Supply List Pages by Grade:

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TK | AAP 2nd/3rd | AAP 4th/5th

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Grade 1 Supplies

The following items with an asterisk (*) must be labeled with your child’s name (you may use computer labels or a Sharpie permanent marker)

  1. Girls, when wearing dresses or skirts, must wear play shorts underneath all day.
  2. Athletic shoes which provide strong lateral support to be worn all day
  3. *Three (3) pocket folders (Cover pictures must be compatible with Christian values.) These should be strong enough to stand when open. Besides providing storage for our papers, we will use them as “walls” between students at tables. (Please do not purchase plastic folders. They do not stand up.)
  4. One (1) box of 24 crayons. No larger boxes please. No scented crayons.
  5. Scissors with blunt tip (non plastic.) Fiskars work well.
  6. *Backpack or book bag large enough for supplies (Folders go home in them daily.) Roll cases are not encouraged in K-1st.
  7. Three (3) glue sticks
  8. Two (2) pink erasers
  9. Twelve (12) plain yellow no. 2 pencils. (Ticonderoga only) (Please sharpen them at home.)
  10. *One (1) small plastic pencil box (No metal boxes, please)

I will periodically ask for a box of Kleenex, roll of paper towels, hand sanitizer and baby wipes. I’ll let you know when it is your child’s turn to bring these items to class.

Any other supplies needed will be communicated at Parent-Teacher Night.

**Parents may be asked to resupply crayons, glue sticks, erasers, and pencils as needed.